Thank You Veterans!

Veteran's Day has always had a special place in my heart. I grew up in a military family and was always super proud of my dad and his career. Now, being a military wife I have a continued sense of pride and thankfulness for what the military stands for and what our veterans do on a daily basis.

While living in San Diego I've met some of the most patriotic people. One time we were at dinner with a group of people and we had just come from a funeral. All the guys were in their uniforms and it's pretty hard to miss a bunch of big dudes in their dress blues. It was a super solemn and sad day. When our check came all it said was "Thank you!" Someone had anonymously paid for our dinner. It's always nice to see people thank a veteran but with the sad situation of our group dinner it meant even more. What people couldn't see was that one of the guys in our group had lost his leg in a previous deployment. He looked like a "normal" sailor just like the rest of the guys. You never really know what a veteran has been through or how much your words or thanks will mean to them. I hope that you thank a veteran everyday but especially today.

Thank you to those men and women who do what you do so we can have our freedom. Thank you for the strenuous work hours, long trips from home, and the dangerous places/ situations you face. Our lives would be completely different without you. God bless you!

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