29 Things You Might Not Know About Me

In honor of my 29th birthday (today) I thought I would share some random facts that you might not know about me! Enjoy :)

1. Pizza is my favorite food group :)

2. I've dislocated my knee 7 or 8 times... I've lost count.

3. I think beets taste like dirt... and carrots too. Yuck! I once ate breakfast at a place that garnished their food with beets. I decided to order pancakes that day and the beets soaked into my pancake. SO NASTY! I still have nightmares about that pancake.

4. I hate chicken on pizza, especially barbecue chicken pizza...nasty.

5. I was born in Georgia but only lived there for 2.5 years.

6. I have a serious love for Happy Hour... cheap drinks and appetizers?? I'm in!

7. I HATE ants. They freak me out because they multiply so quickly.

8. My first concert was Alan Jackson and I've seen him 6 or 7 times. We use to go to country concerts all the time when I was growing up.

9.  I'm convinced I have a separate stomach for ice cream. No matter how full I am I always have room for some dessert.

10. I have two fur-babies, Oliver and Bentley. They are so stinkin' adorable but I might be a little bias.

11. My first car was a '67 Camaro and I LOVED it. I'm determined to own one again one day.

12. My hubby and I got married to each other twice. :) I'll share the story sometime.

13. I was in band in high school. I played the clarinet and also played the giant cymbals in the drum line during marching season haha :) I was pretty terrible at them both.

14. My Jeep's name is Wilbur.

15. I love owls and have them all over my house. Not real owls... just owl decor lol.

16. Baseball is my favorite sport. Go Tigers! Unless my brother in law is playing then it's go METS!

17. Gilmore Girls is probably my all-time favorite show. I own all the seasons and watch them pretty frequently. Is anyone else excited that it's coming back??

18. My sister used to call me Ca-Ca when she was little because she couldn't say my full name. Great nickname huh?? The rest of my family called me Jessipoo and only two people still call me Jessie... Breyen and Katie.

19.  I could live in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops for the rest of my life.

20. I worked at Sonic in high school. Yep, I wore the roller skates and everything. I fell ALL the time.

21. I spent my high school days in studded belts and Volcom shirts, going to punk concerts. Oh how things have changed... I still love to listen to Taking Back Sunday or Pennywise on occasion lol

22. I graduated from University of Nevada, Reno and I'm a Pi Phi, woot woot!

23.  I have baby fever... bad!

24. The smell of burnt eggs makes me gag.

25. One of my favorite treats in high school was a slurpee and a giant pickle. It sounds gross but the sweet and salty flavors were so yummy together! It would probably make me throw up now.

26. I love country music and it's pretty much the only thing I listen to besides worship music.

27. I have a weird obsession with McDonald's unsweetened iced tea. SO GOOD!

28. I grew up in Las Vegas and worked at the Luxor casino as a lifeguard/ cabana host for four summers.

29. I met my husband in high school but we didn't date until after college. He likes to tell people we are high school sweethearts but that's not true lol.


  1. The married twice story has me intrigued. I have an unhealthy love for Sonic's unsweet tea.

  2. so heres my thoughts on ice cream. So my stomach is filled with food..but the ice cream melts as it goes into my stomach and fills up all the crevices and empty spaces with delicious melty ice cream :)

  3. I love posts like these! Happy birthday!

  4. Could you be cuter!!!! I so agree with 1,3,ad 4 and keeping fingers crossed for 23!

  5. #12 has me intrigued, too!

    And I am totally with you on #6 and #23! ◡̈

  6. I married my husband in November and am marrying him again in June! His mother was sick so we wanted to make sure she got to see us get married. Not my original plan but it all worked out for the best. I feel you on the baby fever! If I didn't have to fit into my dress in June I would be on a very different path!