Culinary Curiosities: Spitz

Street cart fries

This past weekend I went to a new restaurant called Spitz in Hillcrest with my friends Emily and James. Their college friends own the original Spitz and have franchised the new one in San Diego and a few others. They opened their first restaurant in 2005 near Occidental College after one of the owners returned from Spain and wanted to bring this new idea to the L.A. area.

The entire menu is based around the doner kebab which means "rotating meat." It's a Mediterranean style street food with a fresh twist. The food was incredible and the atmosphere was very low key and inviting. They have interesting art around the inside and a big open patio in the back. They also have corn hole... so fun!

Fresh Sangria....mmm

**The pics below look a little pink because we were under a pink umbrella. I didn't notice until we got home and I couldn't fix them :( sorry!
These pita chips were SO GOOD!

I loved everything about this new place and I can't wait to take Mark there when he gets home. If you haven't been there yet go and check it out! To learn more about Spitz click here.

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