5 Things I Do Everyday to Keep My House Clean

There are certain things that I do every day/ night to ensure the house doesn't get too messy in the hustle and bustle of the week. None of these are life-changing or new ideas but they really help me.  I'm sure you guys do most of these things as well, but I love reading these kinds of posts, so I hope you do too!

One- Empty the Sink and Run the Dishwasher

Every night after dinner, I make sure all the dishes are out of the sink and either cleaned and put away or are in the dishwasher. I don't know what it is but a full sink makes the kitchen look so much messier. I hate it! Plus we've struggled with ants at our new house and dirty dishes scream "Ants, come eat me!" I can't stand ants lol. 

In the morning, I also like to unload the dishwasher. It just helps eliminate dishes piling up in the sink and making the kitchen look messy. Like I said above, that drives me nuts. 

Two- Spray Down the Counters

Crumbs are another thing that drives me nuts. I hate putting my hand down on a counter and have crumbs stick to it. I'm pretty crazy about spraying down the counters after every time I prep food or cook something. It just makes me feel like my kitchen is clean! I love the Method all-purpose cleaner. It smells amazing and does the job! 

Three- Vacuum the Living Room and Kitchen

Our dogs love to track in dirt, grass, and little stickers from the backyard. Vacuuming up all those little pieces makes our house look so much nicer. Plus who likes to walk on hardwood floors and have little pieces of gras sticking to your feet?? Not me! :) I do this everyday and sometimes I'll do our bedrooms too. Keep in mind that our house is around 900 square feet. Not much to vacuum haha!

Four- Pick Up Around the House

Before we head to bed, I always pick up around the house. I fold up and put away blankets, put cups in the dishwasher, put all the dog toys in their bin, etc. It takes less than five minutes but makes my next morning so much better. I also like to get my lunch together the night before, set the coffee maker, and put my computer and other work stuff in my bag. Doing these few things helps in the morning when I'm feeling like a zombie. 

Five- Make the Bed

I love making our bed first thing in the morning. It helps the room to feel more put together and I feel like it sets the tone for the day. It makes me feel like I have my life together if I can at least make the bed lol! I know that sounds crazy, but for me, it really does.  When Mark is in town, he usually leaves after me, so he makes the bed. Either way, it's just a great habit to get into.

What things do you do everyday to ensure your house stay clutter free and put together?? I would love some tips and tricks from you! 

Weekend Recap {Grammie in Town}

This weekend was extra special because my Grammie was in town to visit. Yes, I still call her Grammie lol. She lives in Michigan and has never made a trip out to just spend time with us. Mark cleaned most of the house on Friday to help me get ready for her arrival....such a huge help! He also made this end table for our living room. He's so talented!! Thanks Mark!

We picked her up from the airport Saturday morning and then went back to the house to drop off her things. Next, we headed to Harbortown for some appetizers and to watch the Michigan game. So much fun!

Later on, we went to Old Venice in Point Loma for dinner. It was so delicious and I just love the atmosphere there. So pretty! We ended the night at Bali Hai. :)

On Sunday, my Grammie and I went shopping while Mark watched football. I was on the hunt for black flats but ended up getting these little guys instead. I couldn't resist!! We had lunch at P.F. Changs and it definitely brought back memories. Fun fact: I worked at Changs for 4 years and met some of my best friends there! :) We headed back to the house for some down time before checking her into her hotel. We ended up having a appetizers at the hotel lounge area. WOW, so beautiful there!


pretty incredible view... my hubby is pretty cute too :) 

Last night was also our 2nd book club meeting. It was fun to get the girls together to chat about books, babies, and everything in between. The men even hung out in the garage and watched football! Such a fun time. We were missing some girls though and I feel so bad that the date kept getting changed. Hopefully we can all be together next time... you were missed ladies!!

Such a wonderful weekend! I'm ready to tackle this week because it means I'm that much closer to R+F convention! I leave in 9 days!!!!! Have a good day everyone!

Friday Favorites {What I'm Loving}


Happy Birthday Rhys!

missing Dina because she's taking the picture :) 

I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends here in San Diego. I was terrified to move here and leave my comfort zone in Vegas. Luckily, I was introduced to some pretty incredible people through Mark's work and my own. I'm so thankful for every lady here who makes me feel so special. The other night, some of these girls went to celebrate a dear friend, Rhys' birthday. So fun!

Bai Bubbles

image via

I love sparkling water because it makes me feel like I am drinking something fancier than just plain water lol. I actually really love soda but I know that it's terrible for me, so I avoid it most days. I just found these Bai Bubble drinks and I think they are delicious. The black cherry is my favorite :) 

Enchilada Soup

I made the Enchilada soup that Christina posted last week and holy moly it was delicious! I'm such a weirdo about corn in dishes but it was actually super yummy. I think the cotija cheese gives it great flavor and the chicken was so tender. This will be a staple for us this fall! 

Fall Colors

Blush   |   Palette 

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I change up my makeup to more fall "appropriate" colors. Instead of using pinky blushes and shimmer eye shadows, I'll use mauvey blushes and matte eye shadows. I've pulled out my Oasis blush from Nars and I had forgotten how much I LOVE it. Such a pretty color. I've also been using my Lorac Pro palette more often. The matte colors are pretty perfect and the bronze shade it my go-to for some shimmer.

This Is Us

image via

This week we watched the new show This Is Us and we loved it!!! I don't know what I was expecting but it was totally different. I really don't want to ruin the first episode for anyone, so I'll post more about it next week. Go watch the replay on NBC.com, trust me, you'll like it! :) 

Living Like Grown-ups

You guys, I forgot to tell you the most exciting/ boring thing ever. We have a washer and dryer at our new place!!! We haven't had a washer and dryer in our home in the last three years. We've had to use the community washer and dryers and it was pretty awful. I know this sounds like such a boring thing to be excited about but just imagine your life without one. Pretty bad huh??

I'm linking up with all my favorite ladies today! Check out their blogs: Christina, April, Natasha, Amy, and Karli.

Five Things To Look Forward to in Fall

Fall is officially here so I can finally start talking about all the pumpkin/ fall goodness lol. I feel like I've been pretty good so far. I've only had one pumpkin cream latte and I haven't posted much about anything fall related haha. Here is my roundup of things I am looking forward to...


Red Plaid  |  Blue Plaid  | Knit Scarf 

Who doesn't love being wrapped in a comfy scarf?? I have tons and tons of scarves and pretty much live in them all fall/ winter. Let's be real, San Diego doesn't have a winter haha. Anyways, I have a couple favorite ones that I can't wait to wear but of course I have my eye on a few new scarves as well. Can you tell I have a thing for plaid??

Oh and one more because I can't help myself. I LOVE the fringe.

Comfort Food

image via

I am a huge fan of hearty soups and chilis in the colder months. I love to make my family recipe of stew and also french onion soup. I posted about some yummy soup recipes a couple weeks ago but I've found even more that look amazing. Check out this list of 50 fall soup recipes from Country Living. YUM! This Sausage and Cheese Tortellini soup needs to make an appearance ASAP. I'm not sure Mark will be pumped about the carb fiesta but I'm excited about it lol. Also, I'm posting about a new fave recipe I made this week during my Five on Friday tomorrow. Come back to check it out!

Apple Galore

image via

This is such a great time of year for all things apple. I have found some really yummy looking apple desserts and I can't wait to give them a try. This blooming' Baked Apple Dessert from The Gunny Sack looks incredible.

image via

These Apple Pie Bites look like the perfect bite size treats. How adorable are they??

image via

Everyone needs a great Apple Cider recipe. This look pretty fantastic!!

Gilmore Girls

image via

Gilmore Girls is back on November 25th and I couldn't be more excited. If it wasn't over Thanksgiving break, I would have a party for it lol! Anyone else excited to watch??


Plaid  |  Maroon Sweater  | Gray  Sweater

I love me some good neutrals with pops of maroon and green. The fall is full of these colors and it's totally my jam. I also love wearing big comfy sweaters and basically anything plaid. This light blue plaid is calling my name! Fall is by far the most comfortable season when it comes to clothes and I am so ready!

What are you guys most looking forward to in fall??

Weekend Recap {Backyard DIY}

cheesin' it after breakfast on Saturday

Happy Monday everyone! I was actually in such a good mood this morning but it's probably because I had a long weekend. I was home from work on Thursday and Friday because I had some doctor's appointments. Even though I had to lay low those days, I was still able to sleep in :) Win in my book!

We spent a good chunk of the weekend working on the backyard. When I say we, I mean mostly Mark and our friend Greg. I did help with the plants but that's about it haha. My hubby is super handy and I was even more impressed than normal when he whipped up these planters. We got the wood on Friday afternoon and him and Greg put them together in no time. They look awesome! Our pups thought they were pretty awesome as well lol.

 He also made this bench, and this little table to camouflage the propane tank for the fire pit. I can't wait until it gets cool enough to use.

On Sunday, we brought our friends Spencer and Rob some dinner and were able to see their new little one, Charlie. He's so precious!

Afterwards, we went on a date night to the Brigantine. It was nice to relax and let someone else make a meal for us :) It was a great weekend and I'm really looking forward to next weekend when my Grammie comes to visit. Should be fun! Have a great day everyone.