My Spring Wish List

Finally, it seems to be warming up here. I am so ready to bust out some spring clothing, although I would be perfectly happy if bathing suit season just passed right on by! I am NOT ready for a bathing suit and this whole not being able to work out thing is killing me!! I can't wait until my knee is better. Anyways, I have had my eye on some spring items. There are so many cute things out right now!

White Jeans

White jeans

I love the loft jeans and I purchased a pair of these last spring. I wore them a ton but unfortunately they don't fit any more. Darn winter weight :( I am loving the fun detail at the bottom hem on the pair!

The Cutest Heels

get it here

I have a pair of heels that are very similar but I love the chunky heel of these. I feel like they will be super easy to walk in and are so cute. I'm pretty boring and I love the nude color but there are so many options!

Madewell Jeans

get it here

My friend was wearing these the other night and they were soooo cute! The picture does not do them justice at all! They have a 70s vibe to them, which is so fun! I love the cropped length and the subtle flair. I can't wait to pick these up!

Asymmetrical Top

get it here

I saw this on another blog the other day and fell in love! I know it's not a typical spring color but I love it anyways! I actually just ordered this and it should be here any day! 

Flutter Top

get it here

I love a good detailed sleeve and this top doesn't disappoint! So cute! I will for sure be picking this up in a couple colors. 

I'm also on the hunt for some cute sandals! I have a few pairs of Sam Edelman's that I pull out every year but I want something a little different. I would love to hear what you are picking up for Spring! 

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a great week and have something awesome planned for this weekend. I have book club tonight, which I love, so I am excited! Lets jump in!

Spring is in the Air

Finally, it's starting to feel more like spring around here. Last weekend, we cleaned up our front planters and added some spring blooms. Can't wait to see what it looks like when the perennials come back! 

Fringe Life

Koa Sandals

I have a major thing for fringe. I just think it's adorable :) I recently bought these Sole Society sandals and I can't wait to bust them out. The color is a perfect neural and they are pretty comfy (as far as I can tell). I also love the Vista Blue color but I figured I would get more wear out of the caramel. 

The Coziest Sweatshirt

Check it out here- the pic isn't doing it justice! So cute!

I purchased this swing sweatshirt from Old Navy a few weeks ago and I've worn it so many times already. I LOVE how comfy it is and it's so easy to throw on for a casual day. I actually found it in the athletic section but I think it's cute with jeans too. I actually have the more purpley-gray color but I couldn't find it online. 

New Obsession

Mark has been raving about the Red Rising series for months now but I really thought it wasn't something I would be into. Science Fiction isn't my jam but I finally gave in and WHOA I'm so obsessed with these books. We listened to the first book while on our road trip and then I read the 2nd book. It was actually really nice listening to the first book because I could hear how everything is pronounced lol. There are so many weird words in that book that I would have NO idea how to pronounce otherwise. 

I would say the book is a cross between Hunger Games, Delirium, and the Divergent series. It's pretty violent but doesn't make me cringe like some of the thrillers I usually read :)

Spring Bundle

As most of you know, I have a side gig with Rodan+ Fields. I LOVE sharing about the products and business but don't always share in this space. This is too good of a deal not to tell you about it though. Right now they have released a spring bundle that includes the Intensive Renewing serum, the Lip Renewing Serum, and Multi-function Eye Cream. All three can be added on to any regimen or used on their own. They are in my weekly (some even daily) rotation. Plus they are 25% off when bundled together :) Let me know if you have any questions or want more details!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Charlottesville Weekend Part 2

If you haven't read about the first part of our weekend in Charlottesville, click here to to read it first.
Sunday morning we ventured out to find a spot for breakfast. We had heard that Bodos Bagels was delicious so we walked over there from out hotel. Unfortunately, it was closed so we had to find anther place. We ended up eating at the Grit Cafe which was pretty good, but nothing to write home about :)

Afterwards, we walked around a little to check out the shops and to find a place for a great Bloody Mary. We ended up at the Commonwealth Skybar which I was excited to see because I had read that the food and drinks are great. We sat outside on the skybar to people dog watch and have a bloody mary. They were delicious!

Our friends had to leave so we headed back to the hotel and Mark and I took a nap. Does anyone else feel guilty if they nap on vacation?? I feel like I am missing out on fun but I was exhausted! A little later we decided to walk around the downtown area and check out some breweries. The first that we went to was Three Notch'd. We had a beer flight and we loved everything we tasted, minus the IPAs because I despise them lol. Mark was into them though!

Next, we went to Champion (on recommendation from someone at Three Notch'd). It was a smaller brewery but nice to sit outside. At this point we were starting to get hungry so we started walking to the Korean place we had seen earlier. My dad always raves about Bibimbap so Mark really wanted to try it. Holy moly it was delicious!! We shared a bowl since we wanted to "food tour" which is basically our way of trying lots of food at different places lol.

Next, we ventured down to the Graduate hotel. We saw their rooftop restaurant, Heirloom, from down the street and wanted to check it out. The views were pretty incredible and the drinks were yummy! We shared a chicken sandwich, which was pretty good.

Afterwards we strolled through the UVA grounds. It was gorgeous!! Mark and I both agree that we would love for our future babies to go to school here just so we can visit :) That's a good reason, right?? We really wanted to make one last stop at an oyster bar, Public Fish & Oyster, that we found down the street from our hotel. We got there right before they closed and they were so cool about still serving oysters. I hate inconveniencing people but they convinced us that it was no problem. Some of the best oysters I've had in a long time, plus a super cool vibe.

The next morning, Mark grabbed us some bagels from Bodos while I got ready. The bagels really did live up to all the hype. So good!! Then we headed out to Monticello. We walked around the property for awhile until it was time for our tour of the house. Mark totally geeks out when it comes to history but I have to say, I was pretty into it also :). There were some awkward interesting questions asked on the tour but other than that it was great.

We ended up being at Monticello for awhile so we didn't have a ton of time in Williamsburg for the last part of our trip. We should have planned this part better since we got there when all the tours were closing down. We tried to go into a couple places in Merchant Square but it was all super touristy and (for the most part) we had terrible service. :(

We stopped by the Williamsburg Winery to do a little tasting and this ended up being a good experience. The ladies working there were super nice and told us about a few spots to go later on. One of the suggestions was The Amber Ox for dinner. The food was soooo good! We had the meatballs as an appetizer and I would highly suggest them. I could have licked the bowl lol. We stayed there to watch the NCAA Tournament Championship game. Sadly, Michigan lost. :(

The next morning we had to pack it up early because Mark had to work. It was a great trip and so fun to explore more of Virginia!

Charlottesville Weekend Recap

Mark's Patagonia sweater will be in pretty much every picture... this is his new fave clothing item lol

Hey everyone! I am back today with a recap of our weekend in Charlottesville, VA. We had a BLAST and it was just what I needed. I only wish the trip was a little longer because there was more that we wanted to do/ see. Good thing we only live a few hours away!

We arrived in Charlottesville on Saturday morning and immediately walked around the little area by our hotel to check it out. We stayed at the Downtown Residence Inn by Marriott and the location was pretty great. We were in walking distance from everything we wanted to do, except the wine tasting.

When our friends, Carly and Joey, got to the hotel we met up with our driver for the day, George. Funny story, Carly actually found George on Craigslist where he advertised that he would drive us around to the wineries for $12 an hour!! We were stoked but also a little skeptical about this Craiglist arrangement. George ended up being a really nice guy and we made it back safely :)

Our first winery stop was King Family Vineyards. This was probably my favorite because of the beautiful views and the wine was super good! This was also the busiest out of the wineries but they had plenty of room for everyone. I will definitely go back here again!

Our next stop was Grace Estate Winery. We liked the wine here a lot and the people were really nice. We brought our own food and made a charcuterie board which we called Car-cuterie lol. I would visit here again for sure!

Our next stop was Stinson Vineyard and this was our least favorite. The person helping with our tasting was really rude and although it was super cute, I won't go back.

Our last stop for the day was Knight's Gambit Winery. The tasting was in what looked like a home and was super cozy and casual. The people working there were really nice and I would love to go back for another tasting. Plus they had the cutest pony on the property that just roamed around. So adorable!

George took us to a "secret" lookout before heading back to the hotel. This detour caused lots of laughs and is a great memory :)

Not the best photo of us lol but the view is pretty!
Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to change and then headed to our dinner reservation at Tavern & Grocery. Carly and I both ordered from the tasting menu and holy moly it was sooo good! We also had some sparkly gin drink which has changed my opinion on gin... yum!

Next, we ventured out to a few local bars. We had a great time but were all exhausted from the day's festivities. We walked back to the hotel to call it a night.

Head back one there tomorrow to see part 2 of the trip!

Five on Friday (Spring Break Edition)

Hey everyone! As I am writing this, I am thinking lots of happy thoughts about SPRING BREAK! I cannot tell you enough about how much this is needed. The kids were insane this week and I really just need a break. Teacher friends, can I get an Amen?? I know for the rest of the workforce, you don't get a spring break. I'm sorry :( just remember that we have to deal with your kiddos before spring break and they get quite rambunctious haha! But in all seriousness, I need a rejuvenating break. I need to be able to go into these last few months full steam ahead, especially because testing season is upon us. I still have to get through today though!


Freezing in DC

This guy is my biggest supporter and I am so thankful for him. Also, I love how it's basically Sadie Hawkins every time we wear these jackets lol. They are different shades of gray but they look pretty much the same here :) 

Homemade Bagels

 I made the holes too big lol

My cousin, Laura, gave me this recipe for homemade bagels a few weeks back and we are in love! They are so easy to make and sooo good! Plus they are made with greek yogurt so they have more protein than a normal bagel and taste delicious. Win win! Get the recipe here
I used the Everything seasoning from Trader Joes to top the bagels and it was perfect. If you don't have this seasoning yet, go to TJs immediately! It's really good on top of avocado toast too.

Not My Fave

For book club last month we read Turtles All the Way Down by John Green and I'm sorry to say but I didn't love it. I really try to be a John Green fan but I just can't get into his books. I  liked Fault in Our Stars but that was the only one I could finish and enjoy. I just don't connect with his characters and the plot for Turtles All the Way Down was nonexistent. I know there are TONS of Green fans out there and I'm trying to get on board but it's falling short for me. :( Sorry guys.  
Also, I just got the link from Amazon and it's a #1 Bestseller under the anxiety conditions category, so there's that I guess :) 

Peaky Blinders

A few months back I asked for some recommendations for shows to binge watch and Peaky Blinders showed up on that list. I watched one episode and was unsure if I liked I and sort f forgot about it. Well last week, Mark started watching it one night and I became hooked. I find the whole mob/ gang things of the 1900s so interesting plus it''s set in Ireland, which I love! We are through the first season and on to the second. Has anyone else watched it?? 


We love some good Patagonia gear in the Bradford house and we just recently ordered a couple new things. I got this Synchilla Fleece Pullover and I am soooo excited about it! I love the gray and the peachy pink mixed together. I know it's almost spring but that doesn't mean much for Virginia because one day it's warm and the next it's freezing lol. I'm sure I'll get some good wear out of this before "true" spring lol.