5 Things I'm Loving

Happy Friday everyone! Who is ready for the weekend? This girl is for sure! I thought I would share 5 things that I'm currently loving on this Five on Friday. Here we go...

My Sweet Hubby

Well this is a give-in but I'm especially grateful for him this week. I've been so busy with after school activities, meetings, R+F, trying to fit in workouts, cooking, cooking, more cooking, and the list goes on. Every night I feel like I've been hit by a train and Mark has totally taken it upon himself to lessen the load for me. He has been doing dishes, running to the store for me, and making dinner when I'm too tired to move. All of these things don't go unnoticed and I'm so thankful for all his help. :) 

Tarte's Maneater Mascara

I have been a HUGE fan of Lancome's Grandiose Mascara for almost a year now. I LOVE how it makes my lashes look and it stays all day. Well, I think I found my new fave with the Maneater mascara by Tarte. It's not as thick but it makes my lashes extra voluminous. My lashes are already pretty intense because I use Lash Boost, so the mascara just amps up what I already have going on. :) Lash Boost is right up there with my favorite products I've tried in months. I LOOOOVE it! If you're interested in it, email me and I'll let you know the details!

The OA

We binge watched the entire season of the OA this weekend and WOW it was so good. Super different than I thought it was going to be. Actually, I have no idea what I thought it was going to be lol but it was out there! It's hard to explain, so just go watch it immediately! 

Hidden Figures

Speaking of things we've watched that we LOVE, we saw Hidden Figures on Monday night and holy moly it was good. I wanted to cry the entire time... some happy tears, some sad tears, and some tears in pure awe of these incredible women. You should go watch it and bring your family. It's only rated PG and has a great message.

New Office Decor

I recently went to Hobby Lobby and found the cutest things for my office. I wanted to buy everything but decided on two prints because they were such a great price. I am obsessed with pineapples, so the bottom frame was a perfect fit and the flowers in the mason jar are sooo my colors. This is a terrible picture because the lighting is really hard to photograph in this room. You get the idea though right?? :) 

If you haven't checked out my Whole30 Diaries series, then click here for Getting Started, Week 1, and Week 2. :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Whole30 Diaries: Week 2 Recap

Hi everyone! Two weeks down...whew! Last week was a lot better than week 1 but time-wise it was a little harder to get meals on the table. I think hands-down the worst part about Whole30 is the amount of cooking and dishes. I feel like I unload the dishwasher twice a day and wash about a million dishes. I just want to sit down and not worry about cooking lol. We are more than half-way through though... we can do this!

What we've been eating...

Monday: PaleOMG's jalapeño popper chicken chili. SOOO GOOD!

Tuesday: chipotle salad bowl with salsa as a dressing (not pictured)
Wednesday: Spicy steak skewers with pineapple, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. This is from the Whole30 cookbook. 

Thursday: Grilled chicken with greens and a half of a potato

Friday: Indian Butter Chicken with cauliflower rice

Saturday: breakfast- two over-easy eggs, sausage, and sweet potato hash

Dinner- buffalo chicken salad with Tessemae dressing

Sunday- Steak, roasted broccoli, and roasted golden potatoes. 


Spicy cocoa almonds- from the Whole30 cookbook


This week I felt like I had no energy. We definitely needed to add more carbs into our diet, so we tried to eat more potatoes. I think this was in combination of it being such a busy week as well. I also felt like I slept better, which is funny because of the lack of energy. I am sticking to my New Year's goals to go to bed earlier and to stay off my phone late at night.

My clothes seem to be fitting better which is great! I still feel a little bloated but it might be from all the nuts I'm eating. I'm going to slow down on those this coming week. :)


I haven't had any major cravings this week other than chips & salsa. I would kill to have that as a snack right now. I'm pretty much over everything we've been making to eat, so I need some fresh inspiration for next week. 

I'm also craving time to make breakfast in the morning. I truly don't have enough time or willpower to make a full on breakfast in the morning which means that I am starving by lunch. I always have some protein in the morning and then fruit as a snack, but I need something more. 


I'm truly loving how much healthier I feel when I do Whole30. I just feel like I am eating good food, that's fueling my body. Now I just need to find the right balance of protein and carbs. :) 

Weekend Recap {Relaxation}

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a nice LONG weekend, I know we did. Can every weekend be three days long?? I would get so much done and feel so rested lol! This weekend was truly about relaxation and spending time together. I feel like I accomplished everything on my to do list but also found time to just stop and enjoy the weekend. It was also filled with lots of cooking and food prep, because that's just what you do during Whole30 lol. Let's jump into the weekend details!

On Saturday, after my Orange Theory workout, I went on a run with Mark. Well he ran and I biked lol but it was still such a beautiful morning and the perfect way to get in some more exercise. I wish I would have brought my phone to capture the beautiful bay but at the same time, it was nice to just enjoy the moment.

I also FINALLY got to cut my first project with my Silhouette Cameo. I still feel so dumb when trying to use it lol. I have no idea what all the words mean but I'm learning. I'm going to use the same lettering to go on a wooden sign, above a really neat wooden shaped Nevada, that Breyen and Katie got us. I bought some vinyl this weekend and will work on it soon. YAY!!

The highlight of our weekend was seeing the Canfields. They were staying in San Clemente but I'm so glad that we were able to see them on their getaway. Davy gets bigger and bigger every time I see him. It's so depressing that we don't live closer... don't forget us little dude!!

On Sunday, we treated ourselves to massages and holy moly it was amazing. We've been saying we're going to get a massage for months and months and we finally just booked one. It was so relaxing and just what we needed. 

On Monday, I worked on my business and then we went to see Hidden Figures... oh m gosh, it was so good! I was on the brink of tears the entire movie and holy moly it was so touching. If you haven't seen it, go and watch it immediately! 

Have a great day everyone!!

Whole30 Diaries: Week 1 Recap

We are officially done with our first week of Whole30, woohoo! The first week is usually the hardest because your body is adjusting to the new change in diet and the lack of sugar. You really don't realize how much sugar you consume, until you take it out. Then it's like this nasty demon comes out and you can smell a cookie from a mile away haha, well not really, but maybe!

So for the first week, we were super prepared. I had tons of food ready to go and a meal planned for every night. We normally eat leftovers for lunch, so I made sure we would have plenty. I also prepped lots of food for snacks because that will help in those moments when you are starving. Keeping food on hand is super important.

Some snacks were: apples (with cinnamon on occasion), the apple+ banana fruit bars from Trader Joes, bananas, berries, beef jerky, nuts (almonds, cashews, and walnuts), RX bars, dried pineapple, sausage sticks from Trader Joes, pickles, veggies with guacamole, and many more...

Here's what we ate for dinner (+some breakfast and lunches):

Monday: Grilled rib-eyes, roasted broccoli, and a mediterranean salad

Tuesday: Slow-cooker Italian beef- from the Whole30 cookbook

Wednesday: Chicken & green olive meatballs with spaghetti squash from the Whole30 cookbook

Thursday: Lechon asado + fried plantains **forgot to take a picture, whoops! This is from Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook

Friday: dinner out- lettuce wrapped burgers

Saturday: breakfast- sweet potato hash, sausage, and two fried eggs.

Lunch- chicken & apple sausages with sautéed peppers.

Dinner- chopped salad with Tessemae dressing

Sunday: lunch- roasted chicken, cucumbers with vinegar, and a pickle :)

Dinner- braised short rib "tacos"- from Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook 


The first week you feel like you are obsessed with food and alcohol. All you think about is wanting to eat pizza and have a beer. Well, that's how we felt lol!! It's crazy how much your mind can play tricks on you. Also, on day 5 we both had a massive headache and were super run down. This is pretty normal because you're body is trying to figure out why you aren't giving it all the quick energy sources from grains and sugar that it normally uses. It gets better, I promise!

At some point, you will think, "Why am I doing this?? This is dumb! No one should deprive themselves.... I obviously need to eat some carbs." These are normal feelings and they will pass :) I pretty much felt this way all last week!


Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. We were pretty bad over break when it came to having treats, so the sugar monster was rearing it's ugly head last week. I was definitely craving a sweet treat and ended up having an apple or dried fruit in times like that. It helps, but I'm also trying not to be dependent on those sugary items to get me through. I also just want pizza, really bad.


La Croix sparkling waters, especially the passionfruit and apricot varieties. Plain water gets really boring so these sparkling waters really jazz things up. I also found a couple recipes for drinks in the Whole30 cookbook that I plan on trying this weekend.

RX bars have also been a lifesaver. As I've talked about in previous posts, the mornings are not my friend. I am like a sloth in the morning and can barely get myself out the door, much less make a big breakfast. RX bars save me during those mornings. They are also a good "emergency" snack for long commutes, or other times that you are out of the house.

I will be posting more pictures FB and snapchat as the weeks continue. I hope this helps give you a little insight though!


So I finally did it! I picked my focus word for the year. This wasn't supposed to be such a stressful exercise but in true Jessica fashion, I made it that way lol! When thinking through different words that encompassed my goals for this year, I came up with: strengthen, mindset, focus, change, and belief before I finally decided that perspective is really what I need to put my energy into.

I want to change my perspective when it comes to the difficulties we've had with infertility. This isn't something that I have control over but I do have control over about how I think. I really want to trust in the Lord and His timing for us during this time. That has to do with my perspective and has to be a daily choice with how I look at our situation.

I want to work on my perspective when it comes to comparing myself to others. It's so easy to look at the "highlight reel" of social media and just feel bad about ourselves. There's nothing wrong with my life, but I see others doing things that I want for us, and it's just a bad feeling. Envy is nobody's friend and I need to change my perspective to be thankful for everything we have. This goes hand in hand with wanting a baby. I'm so thankful for the time Mark and I have had together as a married couple. We've gone on awesome trips, had lots of freedom to do last minute things, and just grown together as adults. This is time we won't get back, so I'm trying really hard to just appreciate all those moments. Do I wish we had a little baby Bradford strapped to us during it all??? Well yeah, but one day we will. :)

Perspective is also super important during change. Ugh, that word...change. Doesn't that just make you cringe?? No, just me? Okay, well I really like love to plan and know what's going to happen next. When I'm thrown into something new, it (literally) throws me off and makes me feel very uneasy. This is something I want to work on this year. My friend, Carly, has really great perspective on all things in life, but especially change. I want to follow the advice that she has given me this year. Thanks Carly!

I've also shifted gears with how I want to run my Rodan+ Fields business. When I first started, I just wanted to share the products and was scared to build a team. I was so scared that no one would understand what I was doing, or would want to join me. Once again, my perspective needed to shift for me to unleash my full potential and the full potential of this business. Now, I don't feel like I'm trying to get people to join me,  I just want to share about this incredible business that has opened so many doors for me. I cannot imagine what my life would look like today without it. Now, it's time to dig deeper and make this bigger than I ever thought possible.

Now this might be the strangest goal of mine, but I really want to get more sleep. I know that makes me sound super old and boring but I am the worst sleeper. I am exhausted after work (from lack of sleep) and then get my second wind around 9 pm. I find myself on Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest... you name it, until almost midnight. Then I feel like a zombie the next day and the cycle continues. I really want to make sleep a priority and put down the dang phone while I'm in bed. My friend, Emily says that she's working on staying off her phone an hour before bed and I think this is huge. I am joining you, girl! This takes a perspective shift... yes, I want to binge watch all the shows I like, and yes I want to read all the blogs I follow, but going to sleep and feeling rested is also super important for my health. Does this mean I'm a grown up now??

Church also needs to be more of a priority. When we have a busy weekend, attending church seems to be the first thing to go. I know how important it is to be filled up each week by the word and I definitely feel a difference when I don't attend. This also goes along with making morning devotions a habit. Since, I don't get a ton of sleep, waking up is the worst for me. I am such a grump in the morning and it takes me awhile to feel awake and ready to start my day. Choosing to read my devotion first thing in the morning will really start my day in the best way possible. Once again a perspective change. It's not something I HAVE to do, but want to do. :)

So what are your goals this year? Do you have a focus word? I would love to hear all about it. I think that setting goals for yourself is HUGE! It gives you focus for the new year and also keep you accountable.

My word from last year: grow.