Five on Friday {Currently}

The weekend is *almost* here!! Hallelujah! It's been a doozy of a week because of losing an hour. It's crazy how that one hour can throw us off so much! Anyways, I thought I would catch you all up on some things I've been loving the past few weeks.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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I just started listening to this audiobook and WOW it's so good! I was in tears within the first few minutes, but in a good way! Just inspiring and really hits home. If you haven't read it yet, go grab it on Amazon or download as an audiobook now. The author is actually the narrator of book, which I LOVE. Just trust me, you need this!

Peplum Love

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I am a huge fan of peplum shirts. They add a little something extra to an otherwise boring t-shirt but they also hide my midsection. Win win! I got the mint green version but I also loved this peachy-rust color as well. So comfortable too!


I have been making a consistent effort to work out 4-5x a week. I used to be so consistent but with all of our IUIs and fertility related stuff going on, it has made it tough. When I was doing the IUIs, I couldn't workout for 2 weeks a month. Then when I could work out again, I just couldn't get into a good routine. Then our move happened, a new job, blah blah blah... you know how it goes. I am really trying to push all those excuses aside and making time for working out. 

I recently joined the Belle Fitness & Nutrition online training group and I am really liking the workouts. They are simple to follow (which is a breath of fresh air) and can be completed at the gym or at home. This helps on those super busy days when I can't make it to the gym. Also, following along with the Precision Nutrition program, I have a better grasp on what I am putting into my body and how I should be fueling myself. Still a major work in progress but it's getting better!

New Duster

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I have been looking for a lightweight duster to transition into spring weather... well if it ever warms up here lol. Anyways, I found this one at Nordstrom Rack and it is so comfy! I've already worn it a few times and love it! This is the plus size version but mine was just regular. I can't seem to find it linked online by the local Nordstrom Rack here had tons of sizes. 

New Podcast

This is for all my teacher friends out there. I recently started listening to a new podcast called the Google Teacher Tribe. It's by Matt Miller (the author of Ditch that Textbook) and Kasey Bell. First of all, if you haven't read Matt Miller's book... do it now! It's a game changer!  I really love their tips and tricks when it comes to the G Suite and I have already used a couple in my classroom. I have been listening to this nonstop and it's definitely worth looking into. 

Blue Apron Review

I finally decided to try Blue Apron a few weeks ago. I feel like I am the last person on the planet to try a meal delivery service but I always had my reservations. I decided to go with just two meals a week and I chose the 2-person option until I decided if we wanted to continue with the deliveries.  If you're unfamiliar with how this works, I'll give you the super quick version...

First, you set up an account and decide if you want 2 or 3 meals a week and if you want the 2-person option or the 4-person option. Next, you can select the meals that you would like to receive for that week. They have a picture and a description of the recipe. You can also set up the following weeks as well or decide to skip those.  Then they are delivered to your house on your selected date. They are all packaged in a box with an ice pack and individual items for each meal are packaged together. The recipes come with the box with step-by-step instructions and you are good to go!

Korean chicken tacos- these were sooo good!

Greek Chicken with orzo and Brussel sprouts. yum!

We've had four weeks of deliveries and here are my overall thoughts...


- The meals are delicious! We have LOVED everything we have tried except for the sweet potato chili. It wasn't bad, just not my favorite and I have no idea why I picked it lol.

- The variety of the food is great. I've made all kinds of things that I've never made before. The ingredients are unique and it has definitely expanded my horizons.

- The quality of the food is super good!

- It is sooo convenient to have all the ingredients together. I can't tell you how many times I've started cooking dinner to realize something has gone bad, I don't have enough of an ingredient, etc. With all the ingredients perfectly portioned and together in the box, it's so nice!

- It actually makes me excited to cook dinner during the week. I LOVE to cook but not on a work night.

 - The schedule is flexible so you can skip weeks if you need to.

- You can choose the meals you would like instead of something being automatically sent to you.


- The two person meals don't have enough food for leftovers the next day. When I cook, I normally make enough so I can have leftovers for lunch. It makes lunch so much easier for me.

- It's a little more than I would normally spend on making two meals.

- The portions seems small to me but I guess that also helps us eat the right amount. If Marks wants a second helping, there isn't any left :(

- The family plan has different menu items. I wanted to bump it up to the bigger portions for next week but the menu items are different and I didn't like the options. I know they change weekly so I will try this again another week. 

Overall, I really like Blue Apron and will continue ordering. Even though it's more than I would normally spend to make two meals, I feel like I am actually saving money. Sometimes last minute plans come up or the night is crazy busy and I don't want to cook... that food goes to waste unless I can find another night to cook it. I hate throwing food away but it happens every week. With Blue Apron, we are eating everything we cook and loving it too. It's a great way to try something new, plus you can keep all the recipe cards and remake the food on your own. I am planning to do that this week with the Sesame Glazed Chicken... so good!

Weekend Recap {Are we in SD??}

I love him!

We had the most gorgeous weekend here in VA Beach. It was actually warm and made me think we were in San Diego... well kinda lol! On Friday, we had dinner with Pete and Lindsay at Gringos. We had a great time chatting and catching up, plus the margaritas were delicious! Of course, I forgot to take pictures lol... I'm the worst lately!

How cute are the Kendra Scott earrings from my mom?

On Saturday, we ran errands and finally picked up my jeep from the dealership. It has been such an ordeal to get my heat fixed but it's finally done, just in time for spring lol! Just glad to have it back. Afterwards, we went to Taste to have lunch outside. Everyone else has the same idea and it was packed. Our lunch was so yummy though!

Later on, we went to dinner for my friend's birthday. It was fun to meet her friends and to celebrate her big day. Happy Birthday Becky!
We headed over to Tj and Ashley's for dessert and to hang out. We ended up drinking a ton of wine and staying out way too late but it was a blast. I love the Virginia Beach is starting to feel more like home.

Taryn and me

Sunday was a laaaazy day and we slept in. I did manage to run a few errands, write lesson plans, and do laundry though. We headed back to TJ and Ashley's for dinner and holy moly TJ is a great cook. We had the most amazing penne all vodka. I am still full from it but so worth it! We also got to watch Chasen pitch which was so cool! Go Bugs!

We had a great weekend spent with some new friends and a few SD friends too. Now lets hurry up and get to next weekend! :)

Five on Friday

It's Friday!! Hallelujah, I am so happy! This weekend is jam packed with activities but I plan to actually take pictures and will post a Weekend Recap on Monday :) As always, I have linked up with April and the other girls for a little Five on Friday.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Little Fires Everywhere

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I finished Little Fires Everywhere last week and it was pretty good! Super different from anything that I've read lately but definitely a needed change. I loved the interactions between the characters and while it wasn't my favorite book (because I like all the scary ones lol), I liked the writing style. It's definitely something you should pick up!

Birthday fun

Look at that beard!

I celebrated my 31st birthday a few weekends ago. Mark planned a party (or should I say, fiesta?) at the house and we had a great time drinking Mexican beer and eating burritos. On Sunday, my actual birthday, we spent the day at the Waterfront and ended the night playing Mario Kart and eating pizza with friends. The perfect end to a great weekend. Thank you to this guy for making me feel so special! 

Blue Apron

We ordered Blue Apron for the first time and I was so impressed. I LOVE that everything is pre-portioned and delivered right to your home. The food was super great quality and the recipes were things that I don't normally make. I was worried about the price because it's more than what I would normally pay to make a couple meals, but I really think it's worth it. It just takes the guesswork out of dinner time and you always have everything you need. More about this in an upcoming post!

Slip-on Sneakers

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I recently got these adorable slip-on sneakers from Target and I LOVE them. I actually have the gray pair but I couldn't find them online. They go with everything and are so easy to throw on for a casual outfit or even to school. The best part is that they don't give me blisters like most slip on shoes do. I wear these no-show socks with them.

The Best Sparkling Waters

I have a love affair going with sparking water. I used to be a soda addict but stopped drinking it a few years ago while doing the Whole 30. I still crave that bubbly carbonation so sparkling waters really help. Trader Joe's has great flavors but up until recently they were only in the big bottles. I never drink them fast enough and they go flat. Well last night I found that our Trader Joe's carries a few flavors in cans now!! SO excited lol. The raspberry lime is the best! Isn't it sad that this excites me so much?

Weekend Recap {Going Away Parties & Baby Showers}

They are going to freak out when we stop using the fireplace in the summer lol

Hey everyone! Long time no talk. Remember when I said I was going to be more consistent?? Well then I got sick, went to Florida for work, got sick again, and life just got crazy.  I'm back.... with only food pictures lol but at least I am here right?? I need to update you all on some house things and just our life in general but to be honest, we aren't very exciting lol. I am still trying to settle into our new home and work is still consuming my life, but with that being said, we had a great weekend!

On Friday, we had our Valentine's date at Blue Pete's in Pungo. People rave about this restaurant so we were excited to try it out. We had She Crab soup to start with and it was super delicious. It was actually so good that we were stuffed and could barely eat our entrees. :( Darnit! I had crab cakes and they were alright but definitely not the best I've ever had. Maybe we would like Blue Petes more during the day so we could see the water?? I don't know... we will have to give it a try again. Afterwards, we went back to the house to watch a movie. Fridays are so hard and I'm usually exhausted.

On Saturday, I tried out a dance bootcamp class at the gym and it kicked my butt. I was nervous to go because I'm not great at dancing but I really do love to dance. I decided to just go for it and I'm glad I did. My calves still hurt lol.

Afterwards, we had lunch at Green Flash with some friends. The weather was rainy but we still had a blast. It's always fun to be around people that make you feel so at ease!

Later on that night, we headed to a going away party for some friends out here. I just met this couple in August but I really like them and I'm so bummed to see them leave. I'm hoping that we will see them again soon! We had a great night at the party but unfortunately we went home early since I had a killer headache. I hate being a downer and leaving early but I really didn't feel well.

On Sunday morning, we went to a baby shower at Waterman's on the oceanfront. It was such a beautiful day even though it was on the colder side. We were there most of the day and loved sitting on the patio with friends.  I left while Mark was still hanging out with the guys because I had a long list of things to do since I had work today while most people had it off. Darn snow make-up days!! I was able to accomplish everything on my list and start my week off on the right foot. I hope you all had a great long weekend :)