Five on Friday {Storm Edition}

Hey everyone! I hope you've had a good week and if you are in the Carolinas I pray that you are all somewhere safe and that this storm isn't as bad as we were expecting. We seemed to luck out here because it is going around us and we are predicted to get tropical storm weather instead of a hurricane. Anyways, I thought I would share some current faves on this gloomy day.

Jack Ryan

We have been binging Jack Ryan on Amazon and LOVE it. The premise reminds me of Homeland which was a favorite of ours. If you haven't watched it yet, add it to your list!

Peachy Bloom Designs

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I started a little side business called Peachy Bloom Designs. I make wreaths, signs, door decor, etc. with felt flowers. I kind of stumbled upon this over the summer and have really LOVED it. The process of sitting down and doing something with your hands is so relaxing and mind-freeing. 

This was a custom order for a good friend. I love the shades of blue and gray!
Another custom order that can stay up year round! 

I have a couple for sale still right now but if you want to order something custom, let me know!

Dusty rose, gray, green, and cream wreath- For sale! 

White, navy blue, green, and plaid Fall sign- for sale! 

Read Read Read

Get it here

If you haven't checked out my post from yesterday, make sure you do. I shared all of the books I read over the summer. I also just finished Iron Gold which was so hard for me to get through. I loved the whole Red Rising series but I think that Iron Gold was just so different and long. I'm hoping the next book is better! I just started reading the book You by Caroline Kepnes. It just came out on TV so I wanted to read the book before I watch the show. Anyone else reading or watching it?? 

Fave TPT Account

I bought this reading response bundle and I love how organized it makes the student notebooks. Plus it comes with reading response expectations and choice board for their notebooks!

How cute it her classroom?? 

I have been a HUGE TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) fan for years because it makes my life easier to not recreate the wheel when someone else has already done it. This year I found Ashley from Teach Create Motivate on Instagram and have loved seeing her ideas and buying her materials to add to my classroom. I don't even want to know what I have spent on her site this year :( but it's worth every penny to make my life easier. 

Someone on FB yesterday was arguing about how she doesn't understand why teachers say they buy materials when she has an extensive supply list she has to buy for her kids' classes. I about died reading that because it's just ignorant. If you follow me on Instagram you saw just a tiny amount of what I purchased and spent time creating over the summer. TPT is another example of how I use my own money to enhance my lessons to make my class more engaging and rigorous for the students. Rant over, just frustrated reading that. :) Go check out Ashley at Teach Create Motivate and find her on Instagram too. 

He's Home

I saved the best for last! Mark surprised me a couple weeks ago and came home early from deployment. I was VERY shocked but so happy to have my best friend back. I am very independent and can handle life on my own but at the same time there is nothing better then spending time with the person you love. It's been amazing to have him home. So grateful for the timing too! 

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