Five on Friday +1: Current Wish List and Some Randoms

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would share a few things on my current wish list as well as some things I have been loving lately. It's basically just a mash-up of randoms! :) I hope you have a great day... let's jump right in!

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One- Cute and Comfy

Anyone that knows me probably knows about my weird dislike of jeans and "workout" shoes worn together lol. I think athletic shoes should go with athletic wear. I will only wear my converse with jeans (if I want a more athletic shoe). I don't know why it annoys me so much but it's right up there with socks and those velcro-strap sandals. YUCK! lol Well, I am slowly starting to warm up to the idea of athletic shoes with jeans and these New Balance shoes are the perfect transition for me. I love the pistachio color and think they would look cute with jeans and a t-shirt.  Plus they are under $50!

Two- More Macarons please!

I have had this weird obsession with macarons since we went to Washington D.C. I don't know what it is but I just LOVE them and want to learn to make them so bad. I've looked into different kits but never pulled the trigger and got one. I think this one would be great because it has the silicone mat to help you make the circular shape, which is something I will need help with lol. Plus it's only $40, which is great!

Three- To buy or not to buy??

I've debated about getting these Hunter boots forever but I didn't know if I could justify the price. Maybe this is the year since El Nino is upon us! We've already had a ton of rain and these would definitely come in handy. Does anyone have the Hunter green ones?? I love this color green but I also don't want them to be too bright. Maybe the black would be better??

Update: My friend Joy just told me Costco has these boots for a lot cheaper. I just looked and they are still in stock for only $80!! The only problem is that they are in size 5 :( boo! Hopefully the will have some in store.

Four- The Perfect Gloss

I got this Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in Show Off  last weekend and I'm obsessed with the color! It's the perfect peach. I also love that it's sticky (so it stays put) without being too tacky and annoying. I've had a couple other colors in this line but this is my new fave!

Five-  Book Lovin'

I just finished the Secrets of a Charmed Life and HOLY MOLY it was so good! I couldn't stop reading it! It's about two sisters during the London Blitz in World War II. You've probably noticed a theme with the books I like... historical fiction is high on my list! Go out and get this book asap, it's that good! I am thinking about doing a book over-review on it next week. Let me know if you want to see one!

Six- True Friends

I've been thinking about this quote a lot lately. I'm so thankful to have people in my life who know my struggles and stand by me through them. It's a lot easier to be someone's friend through the easy times, but a true friend is there through all the tears.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Valentine's Day: gift guide for her

Valentine's day is right around the corner and I'm all for making sure I'm ready for the day. There's nothing worse than rushing to get a present the last minute! Valentine's day is also one of those holidays where the gifts totally varies depending on the person and situation. Some people don't celebrate the holiday while others put a ton of importance on it. I live somewhere in between those two. I've included a variety of gifts for a bestie, mom, sister, or significant other. Ladies, if you want something on this round-up just send a "subtle" email to your man! :) I do that with Mark all the time!  I've included a link to the items, just click the number :)

1- This tassel bracelet is adorable! I love the peachy-pink tassel with the neutral beads. I have several tassel bracelets and I love them all!

2- This Vince Camuto bag is such a versatile color. This could work for any time of the year! I also love the zipper detail and the fact that this is a cross-body. This is on my wish list for sure!

3- This Date Night book is such a sweet gift for any gal who likes to cook or someone who wants to cook with their spouse. I love when Mark and I cook together. It makes it so much more fun. This book has little stories to go along with the recipes which are super adorable!

4- Fit bits are everywhere right now! I know a ton of people who wear them and LOVE them. If you know an athletic girl who loves to track her steps, sleep, etc. than this is the gift for you. I also love this plum color!

5- PJs are such a fun gift! These are super cute while still being practical. I get super hot while I sleep so I can't wear the adorable fleece pjs that are everywhere right now. This romper is a great option for year round! I also love this nightshirt from Old Navy, even though the sleeves would suffocate me while I sleep lol.

6- I'm loving the look of Gwen Stefani's eye palette and now she has a blush palette! This is so cute and has great colors! This is also on my wish-list.

7-  I love the simplicity of this necklace and how it would go with everything. I could see this being a staple for me. Plus the price point is great for such a beautiful piece!

8- This little guy is the Macro Exfoliator and it is awesome! You use it once a week and it sucks 5 million dead skin cells out of your skin in less than 5 minutes. Crazy, right? If you're buying for someone who loves skincare or beauty items they will love this. Comment below or email me at: to find out more!

9- This little tassel bag charm is a great gift for a friend or even a family member. Who doesn't love tassels right? I'm obsessed!!

10- Kendra Scott has so many beautiful pieces that you really can't go wrong with any of them. I love this cuff though. My friend Stephanie has one and it's even more beautiful in person.

11- I LOVE this wallet. I think the taupe color is beautiful and will go well with lots of bags. Plus you can't go wrong with a Kate Spade item. It screams classic and chic.

Breakfast Burritos and Chipotle Salsa

Last week I talked about the big batch of breakfast burritos that I made to freeze and have on hand throughout the week for breakfast. This was such an easy way to make sure we had a yummy and filling breakfast each day, especially with Mark having to leave for work so early. I got the idea for this recipe from Carolina Charm. If you don't follow her blog, just click on her name and make your way over there. She is a seriously adorable mama of two and I love reading her posts! As promised, here is the recipe for the super easy breakfast burritos.

12 eggs
1/4 cup of milk
1 lb. sausage
1-2 cups of Mexican blend cheese
8 burrito size tortillas
1 can of black beans (heated through)
1 large potato (diced and cooked)
Optional ingredients: green onion, bacon, avocado

Super Easy Recipe:
1. Whisk the eggs and the milk together until nice and frothy.
2. Pour the eggs into a large non-stick pan and cook on low stirring and scraping the bottom with a rubber spatula every 30 secs or so. You don't want the eggs to burn! Yuck!
3. Meanwhile, cook the sausage and set aside.
4. Assemble the burritos with the egg, sausage, cheese, black beans, and potato.
5. Tuck in the sides of the tortilla and roll up tightly.
6. Wrap the burrito in parchment paper.
7. Flash freeze them by putting them on a baking sheet in the freezer for 30 minutes. Then place the burritos in a gallon size Ziploc bag in the freezer.
8. To reheat if frozen: place in the microwave at 50% power for 3 minutes. If thawed, just microwave for 1 minute.
* Christina said that they will be good in the fridge for a week. 

I also made some yummy salsa for the burritos. I used the Pioneer Woman's Chipotle Salsa recipe and it's seriously so good! I use this salsa for everything! 

2 (15 oz.) cans of diced tomatoes
1-3 chipotle peppers in adobe sauce
1 (15 oz.) can diced tomatoes with green chiles
1 medium onion, diced
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1 teaspoon sugar
1 bunch cilantro, stems roughly removed
1/4 cup lime juice

1. Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

2. Store in the fridge for up to two weeks. I place mine in small containers to have with the breakfast burritos. 

Weekend Recap: Better Buzz Coffee and a R+F Training

Happy Monday everyone! I had a relaxing weekend... just what the doctor ordered :) I feel nice and recharged and ready to tackle the work week. Let's dive in to my low-key weekend recap...

On Friday, Mark, Greg, and I went to Sushiya for dinner (per usual). If you've read any of my other weekend recaps you know that we go there at least once a week. We love the food, the service is always fast, and our dinner is usually under $50. Sounds perfect to me! Afterwards, Mark and I watched Straight Outta Compton. It was so good!

I love this gloomy weather
The next morning I worked out at Orange Theory Fitness. It kicked my butt! Seriously, my booty and my legs are so stinking sore! Then I met my friend Sarah for coffee and a light breakfast at Better Buzz. I love their "Best Drink Ever" and acai bowls. Mmm! It was so great to catch up with her. She even brought me a book to add to my reading list. I've been wanting to read this since it was published!

Buy it here.

Later on in the day I ran a bunch of errands: the post office, Home Goods, the grocery store, etc. I finally found some new lamps at Home Goods. There weren't exactly what I had in mind but I love how they look! You can't see the detail in the pictures but you get an idea.

Not great pics- but you get the idea

Mark and I had dinner at Pieology and we were pleasantly surprised with how much we liked it. For all my Vegas friends- it's just like Blaze. You can order a pizza or salad and you decide if you want to customize your own or order one of their favorites. I got a Margherita pizza and Mark went with the Chicken Alfredo pizza. Plus they had a super awesome military discount! We also got fro-yo afterwards... my fave!

Mark fell asleep early and I worked on some blogs posts :)

I love getting pictures of this little guy!

On Sunday, we went to church and then headed home to get some stuff done around the house. In the afternoon I went to a Rodan and Fields team training in Coronado. It was awesome to be in a room with such positive and encouraging people. I love finding out more ways to grow my business and to see the success of the people who have been in the business longer than me. I felt so empowered by everything I heard!

Five on Friday- A bunch of randoms...

It's the weekend!!! Well almost... it's the weekend in 8 hours or so! :) YAY! Sometimes these short weeks feel even longer than normal because we are trying to fit in five days of work into four. Oh well, we made it!

As always I'm linking up with AprilNatashaChristinaKarliErikaNarci, and Andrea.  I hope you all have a great Friday and a super relaxing weekend!

One- What We've Been Eating

I absolutely love to cook. It actually relaxes me after a long day. Now cleaning up is a different story altogether lol. I thought I would share some of the things I've made lately. A couple of these recipes will be making an appearance on my blog soon.

Coconut Curry Shrimp

Chicken Milanese

Beef Tacos with the Against All Grain taco seasoning

The Pioneer Woman's Chipotle Chicken Chili

Polenta and grilled chicken marinated in the yummiest sauce- lemon juice, olive oil, honey, oregano, and salt and pepper. YUM!

Two- Workout Inspiration

My post from yesterday was a bunch of Confessions. If you missed it click here to read it or just scroll down. I was pretty honest about how I've fallen off the workout bandwagon. I always have great intentions and then life happens and I'm busy and exhausted. This needs to change though and what better way than to get some new workout clothes?? I know, I know... I said in my post yesterday that I haven't been in the mood to shop. I haven't at all but Old Navy is having a great sale online and new workout clothes ALWAYS motivates me to workout more often. Here are a couple of my fave picks from ON. 

I love tops like this to throw on over a workout tank and then layer with a vest. They are cozy but also look pulled together because let's be real... I hang out in my workout clothes regardless if I worked out that day lol. Plus the $9.97 price point is pretty awesome!

I'm normally not one to wear inspirational quotes on tanks but I think this is super cute. 

I love the color of these leggings!

Three- New Planner Stickers

I got some new planner stickers in the mail yesterday and I'm super excited. They are so cute! Are there any other planner sticker lovers out there?? I don't even know how I got hooked but I am. :) These fit perfectly in my Erin Condren Life Planner and I can't wait to use them. They are from the Etsy shop Planning Roses. Jenna, the shop owner, is super adorable and just opened her shop a few months ago. I'm so impressed by the quality of all her stickers. 

Four- Nightstand Lamps

I have been on the hunt for new nightstand lamps for a LONG time now. I really don't like the ones we currently have but I'm also having a hard time justifying spending $100+ on lamps when we technically don't need them. The lamps we currently have our these weird boxy-lantern looking things. Not my style at all. I found the three options above at Target and I love all three. Right now they are having a sale online on furniture, decor, lighting, etc. If you spend $125 you save 15 percent. I'm still debating on which ones to get and I think I'll check out Home Goods this weekend to see if I can find any other options. What's your vote??

Five- Joanna Gaines' Testimony

Lindsay from Seven Layer Charlotte posted this video last night on her Five on Friday and I had to share it. I started crying watching it because what Joanna said just really resonated with me. I spoke a lot about my fears in my Word of the Year post and how I want to grow in the future and not be so afraid. Joanna talks about how she had to just trust in the Lord that he was going to make her dreams happen in the right time. I know that is true for me too and it's just a great reminder to have faith and to give it all to Him. 

Confessions Round 2

I confess that I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to working out. I have been averaging 2x a week right now. That's sad. I'm just so exhausted when I get home that I talk myself out of it. UGH! I have gone the past two days to OTF and I plan on working out at the gym tonight. That would make it three times then Saturday morning would be four. I need someone to just make me go lol.

I confess that all I've wanted to cook is comfort food. This is so unlike me because normally I cook Paleo-ish meals. I blame my new Pioneer Woman cookbook. It's so good but also sooo rich. I've been cooking a ton but that doesn't mean it's always healthy cooking. I'll meal plan healthier things next week :)

I confess that rude servers really bother me. I worked in a restaurant for 4 years and I was never rude to a customer. We've had some terrible service lately and it's just so frustrating. Be nice people!!!

I confess that I'm back on flavored creamer in my coffee. Ugh, I was so good for so long and now I'm completely hooked again! Darnit :( Maybe I really do need to do Whole 30 next month.

I confess that I haven't wanted to go shopping at all. This is SOOOO unlike me but I just feel gross and don't want to buy clothes at a bigger size. I would rather lose the weight first, then shop lol. Hopefully that will help motivate me!! I've got the self-shame thing down :( which is also super sad!

I confess that I miss my family and I literally JUST saw them. What will I do if we ever move farther than one state away??

I confess that I am already planning my Valentine's day gift/ date for Mark. I know it's super early and V-day is really corny but I love it. We won't be fighting the other crazies for a spot at a restaurant that night because he is actually out of town. We will have a "make-up" Valentine's day later that week. Has anyone else started??

I confess that I always stop and look at the baby section of clothing stores. Baby clothes are soooo cute! I haven't bought anything yet, so that's a good sign that I haven't taken it too far lol. Nothing wrong with people who stock up on baby clothes, I just can't do it because it would make me sad :(

These confessions are kind of depressing :( Let's end it on a high note. I confess that I love meeting new blogger friends! It's fun to read the same blogs everyday and comment back and forth. It makes me feel like I'm actually getting to know them :)

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great Thursday. I'll be back tomorrow with my Five on Friday post! :)

My Must-Read Books From 2015

I had a goal last year to read 50 books but fell a little short at 43. I made the same goal for this year and already have a stack of books lined up. I'll share those too, I promise :) In case you missed my goals post see it here. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I try to squeeze in reading and/ or listening to books every spare second. I love reading all different types of books and this year included an eclectic bunch of reads.  I thought I would share a few of my absolute faves from 2015.
I've also included any book over-reviews that I have written on the books on my list. Just click on the links to see an in-depth look at the books. Let's dive in to my fave books of 2015.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Vianne and Isabelle are two sisters who live outside of France during WWII. Their lives will take dramatic turns as France becomes occupied and Vianne is forced to let a German soldier stay in her home. She makes incredible sacrifices to keep her daughter and herself alive while hoping for her husband to make it home from the war.

Isabelle fights the war by sneaking information and people over enemy lines. She risks her life to save others in a reckless but also brave way. You will hear a much different side of the war, a women's side where love and determination may be the only two things that keep them alive. 

The courage of these two sisters and the other people involved in their lives will keep you clinging to this book, trying to soak up every morsel. I couldn't put this book down and it was my absolute favorite of the year! 

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This book will surprise you but also scare you at the same time. It's a suspenseful drama that is unlike anything I have read before. I loved that I couldn't quite put my finger on what was happening with the main character Rachel and every time I thought I had it figured out something else would happen. 

The story opens up with Rachel riding the same train to and from work each day. Close to one of the train stations she is able to see into the backyard of a home, where she becomes somewhat attached to this couple she has never met. She makes up stories about them in her head and fantasizes about what it would be like to live their lives. One day she sees something that is very wrong and goes to the police to tell them what she has witnessed. Rachel ends up tangling herself in this very dangerous web, which will leave you wondering if she should have gotten involved in the first place.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty 

Alice's life is perfect. She is a newlywed who is pregnant with her first baby, until she wakes up on the floor of a gym... ten years later. Her life is completely different now from what she last remembers. How can it be that she is getting divorced, has three kids, and has turned into a different person?? Alice must put the pieces back together from her upside down life and figure out how to return to the fun-loving person she used to be. You'll find yourself rooting for love and the power of a fresh start as you watch Alice shift in her mindset between the past and present. 

This story is so relatable and attention-grabbing. This is my go-to book when people ask for a book recommendation that isn't too "heavy." You will fall in love with this book!

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

This book is set in Germany and France during WWII. It follows the lives of two very different people, Marie-Laure and Werner. Marie-Laure is a young Parisian girl who goes blind at the age of 6. After Paris is occupied her father takes her to his Uncle's house to seek refuge and to hide a very rare stone. This stone was entrusted to her father from the Natural History Museum in Paris where he worked. When the Nazi's invade her Uncle's town the very idea of the stone threatens their lives and everyone around them. 

Werner is an orphan turned Nazi soldier. His life has been anything but easy. He finally seems to get a break when he is recognized for his engineering talents by a teacher. He is assigned to constructing radios and transmitters that will help them find enemy parties.  This talent of his starts to weigh heavily as he sees that lives are at sake for the information he provides. 

Doerr does an incredible job of weaving together these stories and he will leave you crying but also wanting more. Such a great book!!

The Other Daughter by Lauren Willig

I actually wrote a book over-review on The Other Daughter a few months ago. See my book over-review here.

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

See my book over-review here

Summer Secrets by Jane Green

Jane Green is one of my favorite authors. I love her sense of drama and how relatable her books are to the reader... well when I say reader, I mean me lol. I'm always sucked into her books right away and Summer Secrets was no different. 

Cat is the main character and you have a front row seat to the downward spiral of her life in her twenties and thirties. She is an alcoholic that is out of control until a life-altering event occurs where she needs to make the choice to sober up or to lose everything.

I found myself really drawn to Cat but also wanting to grab her by the shoulders, shake her, and tell her to stop! She makes you cringe as you watch the drunken mistakes she makes, but you also love her as you watch her as a caring mom. This is a super fast read and is perfect for a cozy day by the fire or relaxing on the beach. After you read this list of books check out Saving Grace and  Second Chance.

Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist

I LOVE all of Shauna's books. She writes so raw and real. She also makes you feel like you are sitting and chatting over a cup or coffee, which I love. This book is all about food and how it brings people together. Also, how certain dishes can remind you of various times in your life. It's not a cookbook per say but there are a lot of recipes mixed throughout. I make her bacon wrapped dates and basic vinaigrette constantly. YUM! See my review here.

American Sniper by Chris Kyle 

This was the first book I read last year. I knew I wanted to read it before the movie came out but at the same time I knew it would be an emotional read. This made me put it off for several months until I finally bit the bullet and started reading. I already knew the basis of the story because Mark had read it and Chris Kyle's life was highly publicized, especially after he was killed. If you don't know the story I'll give you a short synopsis. Basically, this is an autobiography of Chris' life as a SEAL sniper. The book goes through his training at BUD/s, his time with his wife and children, and his deployments. You get a short snapshot of what it must have been like for Chris while being deployed and also the hardships he faced when he was home. His military record as a sniper is pretty incredible and he's been called America's deadliest sniper. 

I watched the movie several months later and I think I like the book better. It's hard to pin-point why but parts of the movie dramatized his time at home. I guess that's what movies do right?? Anyways if you like reading books about SEALs you should check out my favorite book, Fearless by Eric Blehm. This is the story of Adam Brown and holy moly it's so good. I actually got to meet Kelley Brown, Adam's widow, this past year and it was an huge honor. She's such a strong woman and Christian. Even if you aren't into military books you should read the book to hear his testimony. 

If you have any book recommendations for me I would love to hear them!

Long Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's so weird to be writing this so late but I had an extended weekend because of MLK day. Woohoo! It was so nice to sleep in a little (7:00 isn't really sleeping in lol) and to get some things done today. :) We had a pretty busy weekend so I have lots of pics!  Let's jump right in.

On Friday night Mark and I headed to Sushiya in Del Mar because I surprised Mark with Cinepolis tickets to see 13 Hours. Dinner was eh-okay but nothing like our Sushiya in Point Loma. The movie on the other hand was sooo good! I cried at the end, per usual, but it was seriously a very well done movie. If you haven't seen it you should add it to you must-watch list.

The next morning we headed to the beach so Mark could surf and I could hang out with my friend Emily. It was a super relaxing morning of walking and chatting on the beach. Perfect!

We rushed back home to get ready for the Beer Fest at Liberty Station. We got there a little late, but we still had a great time. The weather was absolutely perfect and the live music was super fun!

Afterwards, we headed to James and Emily's house to watch the Cardinals vs. Packers game. We attempted to watch some of it at Harbortown but it was super packed and everyone was exhausted. Fun day!

On Sunday, the guest speaker at church was super funny and a different style from our normal sermons. I really enjoyed it! When I got home I decided to meal plan for the week then run errands... grocery store, Michaels, Target, etc. Normal Sunday busy stuff. I ended up making mashed potatoes and meatloaf for dinner. Comfort food isn't normally my style but lately I have been loving it. I'm sure my body is loving it too :/ lol I also bought a new book, "The Best Yes," and I'm so excited to read it! For the rest of the night I worked on report card comments...  yay! They take forever!

Monday morning I woke up early to work on more report cards comments then met my friend Stephanie at Mission Bay to walk and chat for awhile. It was nice and overcast... my perfect walking weather. It was such a great morning. Then I headed home for more report card work and to get dinner in the crockpot. I also made a bunch of breakfast burritos to freeze and eat throughout the week. I made the Pioneer Woman's chipotle salsa to go with them. Mark will be so excited when he sees these! :)

Later on that night Sara and I headed up to Del Mar to go to a Rodan and Fields presentation. I love learning more about our great company and seeing people's success stories is so motivating!

It was a great weekend and I'm ready to tackle the week ahead! :) Have a great day everyone!!