Valentine's Day: gift guide for her

Valentine's day is right around the corner and I'm all for making sure I'm ready for the day. There's nothing worse than rushing to get a present the last minute! Valentine's day is also one of those holidays where the gifts totally varies depending on the person and situation. Some people don't celebrate the holiday while others put a ton of importance on it. I live somewhere in between those two. I've included a variety of gifts for a bestie, mom, sister, or significant other. Ladies, if you want something on this round-up just send a "subtle" email to your man! :) I do that with Mark all the time!  I've included a link to the items, just click the number :)

1- This tassel bracelet is adorable! I love the peachy-pink tassel with the neutral beads. I have several tassel bracelets and I love them all!

2- This Vince Camuto bag is such a versatile color. This could work for any time of the year! I also love the zipper detail and the fact that this is a cross-body. This is on my wish list for sure!

3- This Date Night book is such a sweet gift for any gal who likes to cook or someone who wants to cook with their spouse. I love when Mark and I cook together. It makes it so much more fun. This book has little stories to go along with the recipes which are super adorable!

4- Fit bits are everywhere right now! I know a ton of people who wear them and LOVE them. If you know an athletic girl who loves to track her steps, sleep, etc. than this is the gift for you. I also love this plum color!

5- PJs are such a fun gift! These are super cute while still being practical. I get super hot while I sleep so I can't wear the adorable fleece pjs that are everywhere right now. This romper is a great option for year round! I also love this nightshirt from Old Navy, even though the sleeves would suffocate me while I sleep lol.

6- I'm loving the look of Gwen Stefani's eye palette and now she has a blush palette! This is so cute and has great colors! This is also on my wish-list.

7-  I love the simplicity of this necklace and how it would go with everything. I could see this being a staple for me. Plus the price point is great for such a beautiful piece!

8- This little guy is the Macro Exfoliator and it is awesome! You use it once a week and it sucks 5 million dead skin cells out of your skin in less than 5 minutes. Crazy, right? If you're buying for someone who loves skincare or beauty items they will love this. Comment below or email me at: to find out more!

9- This little tassel bag charm is a great gift for a friend or even a family member. Who doesn't love tassels right? I'm obsessed!!

10- Kendra Scott has so many beautiful pieces that you really can't go wrong with any of them. I love this cuff though. My friend Stephanie has one and it's even more beautiful in person.

11- I LOVE this wallet. I think the taupe color is beautiful and will go well with lots of bags. Plus you can't go wrong with a Kate Spade item. It screams classic and chic.


  1. I love that Date Night book!! I think that's exactly what my husband and I need! That Kate Spade wallet is too cute...=) Thank you for the inspiration!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. Yes YES Yes...these are great!! Good post!