Five on Friday: My 5 Favorite Hair Products

Happy Friday everyone!! :) Man oh man I am so glad to see the weekend here. This has been a crazy week with all this rain and even a tornado! WHAT?! I live in southern California, I thought this wasn't supposed to happen here! I'm acting like I personally experienced the tornado... I didn't, but we did have a tornado warning lol. Scary! Rain is general is rough when you are at school because the students are cooped up all day and a little crazy. Anyways, I thought I would change it up today and share my 5 favorite hair products. Let's jump in!

Tresemme Hair Spray   |   Amika Un-done Texture Spray  |   Big Sexy Hair- Root Pump   |  Living Proof Prime Style Extender  |   Pssst! Dry Shampoo  |

1. Tresemme Tres Two Hair Spray-

I love this hair spray because it's a soft hold and doesn't make my hair crunchy. Ugh, that's the worst! I can spray a little and get a light hold or easily build it up for a strong hold. I love that it smells good and Mark even likes to use it! Plus, I LOVE the inexpensive price point.

2. Amika: Un-done Texture Spray-

This stuff is awesome! I have super flat, fine hair that doesn't have a whole lot of volume. I have to be careful not to use heavy products because they can actually do the opposite of what they say they will do and weigh my hair down. This product is light and is super buildable. I spray it into my hair (after I curl it) and use my hands to work it in. This gives me great lift and separates my curls so they don't all blend together. I bought the sample size and it has lasted FOREVER so I know that it will be worth the money when I buy the big bottle as well.

3. Big Sexy Hair: Root Pump Plus-

I use this mousse-like product right after I get out of the shower, on my wet hair. I spray it into my roots in three places and rub it in with my hands. I then blow dry my hair with my head upside down to provide extra lift. These two steps have really changed the amount of volume I have in my hair. Just to forewarn you, only use a small amount. If you go overboard it can make your hair greasy, yuck. 

4. Living Proof Prime Style Extender-

My hairstylist introduced me to this last month and I love this product so far. You apply it wet and it essentially prolongs the style of your hair. I usually curl my hair and this product helps the curls to look great the day of and the next day as well. This product smells great and makes my hair feel wonderful as well. 

5. Psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo-

I am constantly on the hunt for a new great dry shampoo. I've tried a ton of different brands and this is my current fave. It is a clear spray, which is awesome because it doesn't leave that awful white cast that others do. It adds some life back to my hair and helps to mask any extra oil. It also smells fresh and clean which is what I want on 2nd-day hair.

As always I'm linking up with AprilNatashaChristinaKarliErikaNarci, and Andrea.  I hope you all have a great Friday and a super relaxing weekend!


  1. I love ALL big sexy hair products, but I recently switched over to Morrocan Oil products and its giving BSH a run for its money! Also, your settings are set to "no reply blogger" so when you comment on my blog, I can't write you back!

  2. A) I love your name :) B) I love this post! I already use the hairspray and root pump and LOVE THEM. I am totally trying the dry shampoo because I have been on a never-ending hunt for a good one!!! I just found your blog through Karli's giveaway and cannot wait to read more!!