Confessions Round 2

I confess that I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to working out. I have been averaging 2x a week right now. That's sad. I'm just so exhausted when I get home that I talk myself out of it. UGH! I have gone the past two days to OTF and I plan on working out at the gym tonight. That would make it three times then Saturday morning would be four. I need someone to just make me go lol.

I confess that all I've wanted to cook is comfort food. This is so unlike me because normally I cook Paleo-ish meals. I blame my new Pioneer Woman cookbook. It's so good but also sooo rich. I've been cooking a ton but that doesn't mean it's always healthy cooking. I'll meal plan healthier things next week :)

I confess that rude servers really bother me. I worked in a restaurant for 4 years and I was never rude to a customer. We've had some terrible service lately and it's just so frustrating. Be nice people!!!

I confess that I'm back on flavored creamer in my coffee. Ugh, I was so good for so long and now I'm completely hooked again! Darnit :( Maybe I really do need to do Whole 30 next month.

I confess that I haven't wanted to go shopping at all. This is SOOOO unlike me but I just feel gross and don't want to buy clothes at a bigger size. I would rather lose the weight first, then shop lol. Hopefully that will help motivate me!! I've got the self-shame thing down :( which is also super sad!

I confess that I miss my family and I literally JUST saw them. What will I do if we ever move farther than one state away??

I confess that I am already planning my Valentine's day gift/ date for Mark. I know it's super early and V-day is really corny but I love it. We won't be fighting the other crazies for a spot at a restaurant that night because he is actually out of town. We will have a "make-up" Valentine's day later that week. Has anyone else started??

I confess that I always stop and look at the baby section of clothing stores. Baby clothes are soooo cute! I haven't bought anything yet, so that's a good sign that I haven't taken it too far lol. Nothing wrong with people who stock up on baby clothes, I just can't do it because it would make me sad :(

These confessions are kind of depressing :( Let's end it on a high note. I confess that I love meeting new blogger friends! It's fun to read the same blogs everyday and comment back and forth. It makes me feel like I'm actually getting to know them :)

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great Thursday. I'll be back tomorrow with my Five on Friday post! :)


  1. Now, I don't do flavored coffee creamer, but I do almondmilk and mocha sauce. I could never give that up. ha!

  2. I don't think it is too early for Valentine's day at all. I already have my husband's card and part of his present. I know what the other part of the present is but I just haven't gone out and bought it yet.
    I am with you on the not wanting to buy clothes in a larger size because then when I lose weight they might not look good any more and they will still be pretty new!