Weekend Recap: Last Week of Break

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, I know I did. I still can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I can't wait to see my friends but I would also love to sleep in and spend the day in work out clothes haha. I decided to start my weekend recap from New Year's Eve so I could share a few pictures from that night as well. Let's jump in...

The gang on New Year's Eve

 The boys

Playing LCR- I LOVE this game!

Our yummy ricotta cake from Extraordinary Desserts

On New Year's day we went to breakfast with the Weldins at To the Point, per usual lol. Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching TV. I made the Pioneer Woman's Chipotle Chicken Chili and it was the perfect comfort food. We spent the rest of the night playing Mexican train with Greg and watched Sicora. It's a creepy movie but it was super good! :) 

My first workout of the new year! Woot woot!

On Saturday, Mark and I both worked out then decided to have a day date. Mark found a German restaurant in Ocean Beach that we were excited to try. Unfortunately, the kitchen closed right when we got there and wasn't opening until dinner. They still gave us a giant pretzel to try and it was super yummy! We ended up going to Sushi for our lunch date and then hunkered down to finish The Man in the High Castle. The ending was a total nail-biter and I'm really hoping they have a 2nd season. Once again, if you haven't watched the show yet, go to Amazon and download it! :) You'll thank me later! After we finished the show we went bowling with Greg and some of his friends. It was a great night! 

New purse from Laura and Tracy- I love it!

Sunday was a day of crossing stuff off my to-do list. I went grocery shopping, did multiple loads of laundry, cleaned, etc. I like to setup my week by meal prepping on Sundays so we have plenty of yummy healthy food for the week. I also made the Pioneer Woman's Orange Chicken and it was SO GOOD!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Check back in tomorrow for my roundup of books I read in 2015. Happy Monday!! :)


  1. Such a great weekend! I'm drooling over that pretzel and how have I not tried the Pioneer Woman's orange chicken?!? Yum! Happy 2016!

  2. You need to try the orange chicken... so good! Also, I'm posting about her Cheesesteaks tomorrow. My hubby said it was the best thing he's ever eaten :)