Super Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

This past weekend I helped out with a baby shower for my cousin Laura. It was my job to make the diaper cake and I was so excited to be assigned this fun job! :) I've made a couple other diaper cakes this past year and they were all pretty similar. I decided I wanted to branch out and do something different. I saw these super cute baby buggies and car seats made out of diapers. HOW FUN! After further investigation they would have taken WAY too long and were super overwhelming. Maybe next time lol. I decided to go a tradition route and knew I wanted to add moccs to the top for an adorable touch. By the way the moccs are made by my friend Brittney. She owns the company Bare Soles Moccasins and makes the CUTEST moccs ever. Check out her website here and make sure to follow her on Insta and FB because she posts flash sales! 

Anyways, I was on the hunt for some cute ribbon to jazz up the cake I found these three styles at Joann's Fabric and to say I'm obsessed is an understatement. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?? I want my future baby nursery to be in these colors. :)

 If you want to see how I made this cute little cake follow the super easy directions below...

1. Gather your supplies. I used 62 diapers total but these are size one. If you use a bigger size you can get away with using less diapers. You will need scissors, a hot glue gun, a 14 inch round cake stand (just cardboard), various ribbon, a paper towel roll, and small rubber bands. 
 I also used chevron/ burlap ribbon, three different types of specialty "ribbon" (1 yard of each but I had extra), and a spool of curling ribbon. 

2. Start by rolling up the diapers and putting a small rubber band around the middle to hold them together. I started with the end of the diaper and rolled it towards the middle to cover up the cutesy designs. 

3. Hot glue the paper towel roll to the middle of the round cake stand. Hold for a minute or so to ensure that it will stay. 
4. Gather six diapers and place them around the paper towel roll. Use curling ribbon to secure the diapers together. Make another layer on the bottom with 12 diapers and secure those diapers with more curling ribbon. Then make a third and final layer of diapers around the bottom section by using 18 diapers and tie with a curling ribbon. 

5. Start the second layer with six more diapers and repeat the steps with another layer of 14.

6. The top layer will have 6 diapers.

7. Measure the thicker bottom layer of ribbon to fit each layer. Use a small dot of hot glue on the back to secure the ends together. Repeat on all layers.

8. Do the same with your decorative ribbon.

I also added a flower from the ribbon to the top of the cake to cover the hole. You can place a stuffed animal on top or some super cute moccs like I did. :)


  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial!! I have a baby shower on the 31st and knowing how simple this seems, I think I can do it :)

    1. It is super easy! If you have any questions let me know... I know sometimes reading something can make it seem more complicated than watching someone make it

  2. Adorable!!! I have to pin this for pinterest because I've gone to soo many weddings so the babies will definitely be following!!! Super cute and I love how you can really make it your own with alot of choices! =) Have a great day!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill