Weekend Recap: Hockey game, Baby Shower, and more...

Hey there everyone! Wow, what a jam-packed weekend! Mark's mom and brother came into town so we were busy, busy, busy!! Let's jump in because I have lots of pictures to share...


After work, I got ready in a hurry so we could head to dinner and then the San Diego Gulls game (the minor league hockey team in SD). We grabbed tacos at Wahoo's because every other place was packed! The game was a blast even though we lost :(


We had an early start because we had to prep some food and get ready for Laura's baby shower. I made white chicken chili in the morning (courtesy of the recipe from Brittney Andersen... thanks girl!) and piled the diaper cake and all the other baby shower necessities into the car. The shower was a huge success and Kathy and Tracy did an incredible job!!

Afterwards we went home to hang out and wait for Mark and Chase so we could head to dinner at Harbortown. Dinner was soooo good, per usual. Then we went back to the house to play Mexican train. We love this game! We played several rounds before everyone was exhausted and decided to go to bed.

Mark, Greg, and Chase


Everyone slept-in since we were exhausted from all the activities the previous day. Around 9 we went on a walk up to the Coffee Bean with the pups. I love walks and I especially love walks when it's nice and brisk outside. We spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, doing laundry, and prepping food for the week. I also made a big batch of baked ziti and a spinach and arugula salad for dinner. SO hearty and delicious.

Bentley didn't want to look at the camera...boo!

Oli was equally as distracted

Meal prep!

This is ultra healthy... can you tell?? :)
I'm ready to attack the week :) Just praying for sleep tonight... I never sleep on Sundays! I hope you all have a great day!!


  1. Share the recipe for the baked ziti!!! I take my pasta any way I can get it :)

    1. I will share it soon :) It was delicious and worth every calorie lol