Trip to Vegas & SD

I just got back from a two week trip to Vegas and SD. I had a blast seeing family and friends and the time spent there flew by! I hadn't been home in a year which is the longest I've ever been away. These coast to coast trips are no joke! I also flew with the pups for the first time. It was interesting to say the least but the pups did very well. Not sure that I will be bringing them on any trips in the near future though.

The trip was too long to go over every moment but I'll include some fave pictures :)

My parents had a BBQ for me the first night I was home. It was nice to see some of my fave people and spend some quality time together. Katie and I took a picture but unfortunately I was wearing the most unflattering top so I won't be posting that pic lol. Sorry Katie!

On Wednesday, my MIL and I flew to SD so we could head up to Anaheim for Chase's games. We had a fun crew there both nights. So fun!!

The rest of the weekend was spent eating at all the places I missed, shopping (lots!!), hanging out with my girlfriends, and spending time with extended family. I also got to meet baby Jackson for the first time and he is adorable!!

I flew back to Vegas on Monday and spent the week relaxing with my parents. I hung out with Katie and Breyen a few nights and one of them ended with us watching the lightning from Breyen's office. We took so many pictures with a "scary face" but I was the only person who actually looked scary lol.

Before I left we celebrated my mom's birthday with a yummy Mexican dinner and a trip to the spa! Such a fun time!

I had the best time being home. This has been a pretty tough year for me so it was nice to feel comfortable in my own skin again. I'm learning to like Virginia more and more but there's nothing quite like home :) I hope it's not a full year before we can visit again!

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