Six Year Anniversary

Friday was our six year anniversary. I seriously can't believe it because time has flown by. I know people always say that but that's really how it felt this year. In the last year, things have dramatically changed for the Bradford fam. We have experienced a cross-country move, purchased our first home, and both of us started new jobs. It has been a very interesting year for sure but we survived! :)

I am so thankful for this man and the journey we are on together. He is so loving and affectionate but at the same time such a good protector and provider. He makes me belly laugh and we have an absolute blast together. Plus have you seen his wood working skills?? There is no one I would rather spend time with and I seriously won the marriage jackpot.

We had dinner together on Friday night at one of our favorite sushi places and then had a drink at the Cavalier. The views were pretty amazing! We had to call is an early night because I had to be up at 1:00 am to drive up to Bethesda, MD. So tired! Last year we were moving on our anniversary, fun times lol. One year we won't have five million things going on during our anniversary and we can take a trip. :) It was still a great night! I love you Mark!!