First Week of Summer Recap 2018

Hey everyone! Happy Monday :) This past week has been such a whirlwind with being out of town for a wedding, doctor's appointments, the digital summit, and then to see friends in DC. Holy moly!

First up was Emily and Jordan's wedding. It was at a beautiful manor in North Carolina and we had a blast!

The next day we headed home for a quick nap before having to continue the drive up to D.C. Ugh that traffic is never fun! We went to my doctor's appointment the next day and then stayed with Carly and Joey for the night. We had a great time checking out a German beer garden, meeting Doc and Beth, and then having dinner together.

Later on in the week I had the Digital Summit for my school district. It was nice to get some ideas for next year but it was so hard to focus when I feel like we JUST finally started summer. Hopefully after things calm down next month I'll be able to dive in a little deeper.

On Friday we went over to the Labonte's house and had a great time eating pizza and just talking. It's always so relaxing over there and I always feel like I can be myself :) We never get any pictures though!

Saturday morning we headed out again for D.C. but this time we brought the pups to meet Carly and Joey's girls. The dogs were so funny together and they got along pretty well. It was basically madness with 4 little dogs but I think we did okay :) Carly is the best dog mom and they had lots of yummy treats! That night we went to Bar Charley (sooooo good!!) and to a couple bars. What a blast!

Mark and Joey had their own special date night lol
On Sunday we headed home pretty early. Then we had a date night at Il Giardino and went to see Ocean's 8. I loved the other Oceans movies so I was excited to see this one too. It was pretty good but I kept waiting for the conflict in the story. There just didn't seem to be one because everything worked out for them.... oh well!

all tuckered out from playing with their girlfriends and the drive

It was a great first week of summer and today we are hitting the ground running with last minute things before Mark leaves. Never a dull moment! :)

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