Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I know I did. I'm so exited because after work today I'm heading to Vegas for a couple days to see my family. My Grammie is in town so I can't wait! :) Plus, it's our Ski week at school so we are off all next week! Woot, woot! Let's jump into this Five on Friday!

One- Grateful

Yesterday was my birthday and I was totally spoiled by the people around me. I'm so incredibly grateful for these kind, thoughtful, and generous people in my life. Thank you for all making me feel so loved!! The Lord has blessed me with incredible friends and family! :) 

Two- Too Faced Bon Bon Palette

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I am majorly crushing on this palette. Do I need another eyeshadow palette?? Absolutely not! I already own the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Semi-sweet Chocolate palettes and really like both of them. I've just heard great reviews about this new little one and I'm interested in trying it. I'm also loving this blush palette but it's sold out on the Too Faced website. Darnit! I'm hoping it comes back in stock soon!

Three- Lemon Water

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I have been drinking a big 'ol glass of lemon water every morning.  I started this in December and kind of stopped over Christmas break. Well, I'm happy to say I'm back on this good habit. It helps to start my day nice and hydrated and also jump starts my metabolism. I haven't seen any crazy benefits from this yet but I do notice that I'm not as hungry in the morning. Also, I know it's helping me in more ways than I can see. It's good for my skin, liver, digestion, etc.

Four- Faith

In women's devos at work, we are going through the book of Esther. This was our first week in the Beth Moore study and I'm already loving how much it's speaking into my life. I need the constant reminder that God's plan is MUCH better than my own. I need to have the faith and obedience to do His will and not my own, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Five- Bauble Bar

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I LOVE this necklace. It's so fun and girly and the colors are perfect. I have a serious thing for this mint green color. I think this would be so cute paired with a basic white tee and some distressed jeans. I definitely don't need another necklace but I want it. Well who actually needs another necklace haha??

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