Five on Friday: Newest Little Family Member

YAAAAY, it's Friday! I love Fridays but today is even more exciting because it means it's almost time to go on our (sorta) stay-cation this weekend. Mark planned a little getaway for us to celebrate my birthday. I know what you're thinking... wasn't your birthday two weeks ago?? Why yes, it was but my hubby was out of town so we are celebrating now. Woohoo! Stay tuned for pictures from our fun little trip.

1. Newest Little Family Member

So yesterday was a pretty awesome day because Emiko was born!!! She's our newest little family member and we couldn't be more excited for Laura and Blake. She's an adorable little lady and we cannot wait to meet her. Look at those cheeks! LOVE her so much already.

2. Yep.

Working on this!! 

3. Fuller House

I am so excited for Fuller House to start! Has anyone else been following the updates from the cast?? I follow a few of them on social media and love seeing the pictures of all of them together. I'm not planning on it being an amazing show... it's more about the nostalgia of the whole thing. Anyone else going to watch??

4. Inspiring

One of my sorority sisters, Katie, has this incredibly encouraging, honest, and real blog. She lays it out exactly how it is without any sugar-coating or excuses. She shares about grace in a way that makes you want to be just like her and empowers you to also be the best version of yourself. I've loved reading her blog for years now and I thought it was about time I share it with all of you. Hopefully there are some of you here who know Katie and read her blog religiously like I do. If not, scoot your little booty over there now! She's a very talented writer and has an inspiring perspective on life. I had the opportunity to reconnect with her a few weeks ago and I was so blessed by the time we spent together. Love ya girl!

5. Target Finds

So the other day, I went to Target to get some thank-you cards and sparkling water and left with a bunch of random stuff that cost $78. Ugh, Target you get me every time! I got these cute placemats that match perfectly with my house. I love the pattern and these are my colors! 

Buy it here.

One of the things I didn't buy but wanted to check out was this super cute bag. I just got a new purse for my birthday so I definitely don't need it but I wanted to see if it was as cute in person as it was online. Sadly, I didn't find it but seriously how cute is it??? This electric coral is fun for spring and summer. I'm more of a neutral girl myself so I would probably get the black one lol. I'm boring.

Buy it here.
Have a great Friday everyone!!


  1. What a sweet babe! I am currently getting through Orange is the New Black, so once I'm done there, I might need something sweet to watch, lol...

  2. I'll have to check out your friend's blog. I think I'm the only one who hasn't watched Fuller House. Probably won't either. Congrats on the adorable addition to your family.