Five on Friday: Puppies, Greek Yogurt Bars, and more...

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Mine just flew by and that's okay with me! I'm excited for the weekend but unsure about how I feel about the high 70, almost 80 degree weather on the forecast. Isn't it winter?? Anyways, I have a couple of fun things planned this weekend but I'm also ready to relax and dig into some books. How nerdy do I sound haha??

One- My pups :) 


Oli and Bentley- ignore the junk in the background lol
How cute are they??? They were looking up at Mark hoping he would give them a treat for sitting so still. :)

Two- The People vs. O.J.

Who else started watching American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J Simpson this week?? I was so excited for it to start and I've loved it so far. What did you guys think? The cast is great and I can't wait for next week!

Three- Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

I recently bought the Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars and I am OBSESSED! They are so light and creamy and the sea salt caramel variety are delicious! They don't taste like diet food, which I really appreciate lol. I have such a sweet tooth so I love when I can indulge a little without adding a million calories to my day. That being said I could probably eat all four in one sitting lol.

Four- New Eye Cream

I starting using the Rodan + Fields Multifunction Eye Cream several weeks ago and I'm LOVING it. In the past, I really struggled with finding an eye cream that actually did what it claimed to do. I needed something that hydrated my under-eye area, de-puffed my eyes, and also worked to combat the fine lines and circles. I think I've finally found it! This little guy works wonders overnight and I recently just started using it in the morning as well. I took a picture of my eye-area when I first started using it so I am excited to take another one in a month or so to compare the differences. If I'm brave enough I'll post the before and afters on here one day :) If you have any questions about the eye cream or any of the R+F products email me and I would love to chat with you about them.

Five- Things I'm Lusting After

Striped Tee  |  Hat
Fringe Shirt  |  Primer

I haven't been clothes shopping in forever! When I say forever I mean about a month lol. That's forever in shopping terms, for me. I've been eyeing several things online though and this striped long-sleeve tee is one of them. I love how comfy and cozy it looks and the side slits are super flattering! I need to just go into Nordstrom and try it on.

The fringe shirt has also been on my list for several weeks now. My friend Emily got it and it looks adorable on her. I worry about it being too boxy on me though. Who am I kidding? I love boxy and over-sized clothing lol.

I saw this hat from H&M on Caitlin' from Southern Curls & Pearls Instagram and fell in love. I love these floppy hats! Also, I've been eyeing this new primer from Benefit. I wasn't a huge fan of the professional because I felt like it made me oily. Maybe this new mattifying one will be better? Has anyone tried it yet??

Have a great day everyone!!

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