Weekend Recap: Vegas Weekend

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and that you're off today, since it's President's day. We have the week off for "Ski Week" so I am so excited that I have a few more days of sleeping in. :) I had a super busy weekend because I drove home to Vegas to see my fam. My Grammie is in town from Michigan, so I'm excited that I get to spend some time for her. My drive was pretty awful though... 7.5 hours! YUCK.

On Saturday, my mom and her friend hosted a craft party with She's Crafty. Basically you choose different signs that you want to make and select the paint color and vinyl color. Then on the day of the party she gives you the size of wood that you ordered, your vinyl/ stencil, and all the supplies you need to paint and distress your wood (if you want to). It's a really cool idea because you can choose anything you want and it doesn't have to be a one-craft-fits-all situation. I made three signs and I think they turned out pretty adorable. :)

My new shirt from my sister- I'm obsessed! The bottom is even cuter!

After we were done crafting, my parents had a bunch of people over for a going-away party for Chase. He left for spring training (in FL) yesterday so we just wanted one last hurrah before he had to leave. It was fun to catch up with friends and family!

Ignore the white flaky stuff in this picture- I'm not sure what it is lol. 

It was a great time but we will miss Chasen! Good luck bugs!

On Sunday, we went to see How to Be Single and it was hilarious! I seriously love Rebel Wilson, so crude but funny lol. It had some sad moments though, which I didn't expect. I still think it's worth seeing. Later on, we went to dinner at Annie's. The food was delicious but it took almost 2 hours for it to come out. We expected it to take longer than normal but two hours is a little much. The owner was super nice though and came out and apologized. This is why I don't normally eat out on Valentine's day lol. It was a great night but I missed my hubby. Can't wait to celebrate with him when he gets home!

Three generations- me, my mom, and Grammie

My dad :)
I used my Macro Exfoliator for the first time on Sunday- WOW, my face felt baby smooth afterwards!

The weekend was so much fun! I'm excited to celebrate Katie's birthday tonight! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!

This picture is an oldie but a goodie :) 

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