I'm linking up with Jessica at the Newly blog for Confessional Thursday. Head over to her blog to read more confessions!

1. My name is Jessica and I have a foundation addiction. I'm on a quest to find the perfect one! I'm super interested in the new Nars Matte Foundation even though I don't need it lol. Has anyone tried it? Also, Tarte just came out with a new gel formulation. You can buy it online at Ulta, but not in stores yet.

2. Rude people REALLY irritate me. I don't know what it is but lately I've encountered so many rude people. I'll be walking through a doorway and someone will cut me off or I'll let someone go before me at a 4-way stop and they just look straight ahead. How hard is it to give a little wave or a nod?? That drives me nuts.

3. My sweet tooth is in over-drive lately. The more I try and avoid sweets, the more I find myself eating them. It's terrible! I blame Valentine's day and my birthday, but really I have no self-control. Ugh, I've got to get a handle on this.

4. I'm back on my obsession with Nantucket. I just love the idea of Nantucket so much! I've never been there but it just seems like a magical place. I'm almost done reading Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer and it has me secretly wishing for summer to get here ASAP. Wasn't I just complaining about the heat lol??

5. This new palette is calling my name. I LOVE all Too Faced eyeshadow palettes and I can't resist the colors in this one. Plus the name is adorable!

6. Yet again, I ordered some new Erin Condren planner stickers from the Glam Panner. She has the cutest sets but man oh man they are pricey.

7. You know when people go on rants on Facebook about how other people have annoyed them?? I always think they are talking about me even though I haven't talked to them in forever lol. Am I the only one??

8. I keep an on-going list of baby names in my notes app on my phone. I add names that Mark and I both like and its constantly growing/ changing. It doesn't hurt to be prepared right?? :)

Have a great day everyone and YAY for it almost being Friday!!

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  1. I just checked out that gel foundation - very interesting! I have a foundation obsession also so I am definitely going to have to try this one.