Five on Friday

Do you ever have those weeks that seem to loom over your head? You know they are coming and you know that you will most likely be exhausted by the time Friday hits. Well this was one of those weeks. It was a stressful, loooong week. I had something big going on each day and Wednesday was the topper on my cake. Also, as I'm writing this it's Thursday night and my poor birthday boy is sick and has a fever. I feel so bad for him.

Anyways,  I am so thankful for this weekend and I'm hoping I can get some much needed time to recharge. Since the week was so nuts I'm not going to have a full on Five on Friday. I haven't missed one in months but I thought I would at least share some pictures of the week. I'll be back next week I promise :)

Week recap in photos...

A dear friend sent this to me this week... much needed!

Dinner on Tuesday- Flank steak with chimichurri sauce and pomegranates, sautéed green beans with bacon, and roasted rosemary red potatoes.... mmm!

The beautiful view from Harbor Island

The coconut margarita from Coasterra on Harbor Island. SOOOO GOOD!

Photo cred- Emily lol

Salad with a balsamic vinaigrette 

Homemade pizza with tomatoes and basil. So yummy!

My view while stopped on the freeway. The colors didn't show up on my phone as vibrant as there were in real life. 
Much needed caffeine after Thursdays hectic day

Our appetizer before seeing Spectre on Thursday

Katie and Breyen sent me this pic of Davy this week. I can't wait to squeeze those cheeks sometime soon!!
Praying you all have a great weekend! 

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