Letting Go of Control

This is going to be a different kind of post today but I really wanted to share a devotional that I recently did at work. I work at a private Christian school and we are so fortunate to be able to meet as a staff three times a week for a devotional time. On Thursdays, just the women meet and we all sign up for a day to lead. We are currently studying the book Jesus, the One and Only by Beth Moore and I was assigned to chapter 45. People usually do a summary of what they pulled out of that chapter and then they also share things that are on their hearts.

As I prepared for the devo I was filled with anxiety about what I wanted to share. The idea of standing before everyone and talking about my faith always makes me nervous. I don't know why I feel this way when I work with the most kind, tender-hearted, compassionate, and loving people. I guess when you really care about something it's hard to not feel nervous.

This whole chapter was about the Last Supper and what occurred on the days leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. I couldn't help but notice the theme of obedience by Jesus during the last supper and His entire time on Earth.  He knew he was going to die but yet he followed through with his Father's plan. How many times do I let the Lord lead me in times when I am scared? I usually have my own plan and try to solve things by myself. The Lord is constantly showing me that I am not in control and that His plan is ultimately better than mine. Control/ planning seems to be a theme for me right now. There are so many things in my life that are not in my control.

My friend Jenna sent me a video of a sermon from her home church and surprise, surprise it was all about control! I listened to the sermon and immediately started taking notes about all the insights the pastor was providing. He talked about how control stems from our fears, guilt, and shame. We carry hurts and pains of the past and fears of the future which can cripple us. I know I am for sure in the fear of the future camp. Instead of focusing all of our energy on fixing these areas we need to let go of the control and ask God to take it off our hands. We all have struggles which I like to refer to as our "stuff." The Lord already knows all about our "stuff" and wants to walk with us on this journey. The key word here is journey. We aren't going to pray one time and POOF! our situations are magically fixed. We need to  turn our worries over to the Lord daily. I am working on this but man oh man it's hard.

The light at the end of the tunnel is looking at the outcome. As a child of God we have to live with an eternal perspective, not a temporary one. The battle has been won and this is HUGE! It's so much easier to let go of our struggles when we know who we are giving it to. This gives us hope and hope is how we get through.

I probably didn't do a great job of conveying this message so if you want to listen to the full sermon you can find it here. I hope it blesses you in some way! :)

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