Five on Friday

I am soooo glad this week is almost over. It was parent-teacher conferences this week and man oh man I am drained. I don't want to hear myself talk about A.R. levels or STAR math testing for a long time haha. Oh a happier note, the weather has been brisk (in the morning) and so nice! I have been wearing boots, scarves, and vests galore! Bring on this fall weather!

I hope you all had a blessed week and have something fun planned for the weekend. I have a couple things going on that I am super excited about! More about that on Monday... :) As always I'm linking up with AprilNatashaChristinaKarliErikaNarci, and Andrea. Have a great day!


I finally got to wear my mustard sweater this week. To be honest, I was thrilled to be wearing a sweater at all lol. It's been so dang hot! I got this scarf last year at Target and it's the perfect length and material. Not too warm since I do live in San Diego after all. I'm loving this fall color combo. 


One of my students was sick for a few days this week and wrote me the cutest note on the back of her math fact tests. In case you don't understand little kid spelling I'll interpret for you :)

Dear Mrs. Bradford,
It was sad being sick. I missed you and I wanted to go to school. You are a great person.

This little girl is the sweetest! I love her and this totally made my day :)


Zella Leggings

I have wanted a pair of Zella leggings for awhile now. Well, today I happened to look on the Nordstrom website and they had some on sale. YAY! I ordered this black pair for only $34. Woohoo! I also reaaaally wanted this blue pair but they didn't have my size. Dangit! I wasn't sure about sizing and I seriously have the worst luck ordering online. Hopefully these fit! They had so many cute patterns online and I could have done some serious damage if I let myself shop a little more lol. I have been trying to do No-Spend-November but it's not working out too well lol. Basically, you aren't supposed to spend any money on yourself during the month. I have done okay this week but I obviously broke it when I bought these, whoops! A for effort???

Blue Greece Terra


I have been wearing this eye combination all week and I love it. I start with the NARS eye primer then I add MAC's Grain to the lid. Then I blend Make Up Geek's Creme Brûlée into my crease and a little above as a transition color. Lastly, I blend MAC's Folie into my outer corner and a little into my crease. It's such an easy everyday eye look and goes with everything. If you've never tried Make Up Geek eyeshadows you are missing out. They are super affordable, blend easily, and are long-wearing. I have 6 shades and I have a whole list of other shades I want to buy. They've also recently reformulated some of their matte shadows to make them even better. I thought they were awesome before so I am excited to see how they are now. Check out their website here


Ashley and I are going to see Garth Brooks on Saturday and I am SOOOOOO excited! I have been to a ton of country concerts but I've never seen Garth. Last weekend I was talking to Ashley and I said that deep down I'm hoping Trisha (his wife) shows up at the concert too. Ashley laughed and said, "She's opening for him!" This makes me even more excited!!!! AHHHH! I grew up listening to his music so it will for sure bring back a ton of memories of my sister and me. When we were little we use to turn off the lights, blast the music, and dance around the house with our parents. Also, the song Friends in Low Places always reminds me of my wedding because it was the last song that was played. We all got in this random circle and sang it together. Haha cheesy but so much fun!


  1. Great post today, Jess! Really love those blue yoga pants and I'm EXTREMELY excited about our date tomorrow night with GARTH!!! EEK!

  2. You girls and your country! Though I can't say I wasn't very much in love with Garth when I was a little girl still riding horses and wanting nothing more than to be a rodeo queen... Also, yay for sweaters, scarves, and the teachers who love other people's children, Ashley and I were just talking about you being a wonderful teacher!:)

  3. So jealous about GARTH BROOKS! Definitely looking forward to seeing pics! Have fun & happy weekending! xox
    and trisha yearwood !!!!!!!!!..grew up singing walkaway joe on repeat on the regular :)

    1. I am thrilled that we are going to see him. It's def. a bucket list event! :)

  4. You're going to have such a blast at the Garth Brooks concert! We saw him in Houston, and there's a reason why he's one of the best performers ever! You'll have such a great time!