Book Over-Review: Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand

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I absolutely love Elin Hilderbrand books. They are just so easy to read and always transport me to the seemingly magical island of Nantucket. Hilderbrand first introduced me to the island and I have had a serious obsession ever since. It just sounds like such an incredible place! I want to go there and somehow immediately be a local, not a tourist haha. I don't know how that would work lol.

Anyways, Winter Stroll is set in Nantucket during Christmas time, more specifically Stroll weekend. This is the sequel to Winter Street where we were introduced to the Quinn family. The story is told from multiple characters' points of view, which gives you more of an insight to each of their lives. The story picks up with Mitzi coming into town with her boyfriend to try to sneak into her estranged husband, Kelley Quinn's, granddaughter's baptism. {Holy moly that's a mouthful lol} Mitzi had shocked Kelley with admitting to a ten-year long affair with their inn's Santa Claus, during the last Christmas. It sounds like a Jerry Springer episode huh?? Mitzi is on the outs with George, aka Santa, and misses her old life. I should preface with the fact that the Quinn family owns an Inn on the island that was recently given a much needed face lift by Kelley's first wife, Margaret Quinn.

Mitzi barreling back into the Quinn's life isn't the only shock of the weekend though. Ava, Kelley's daughter, is also having her fair share of drama when her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise drop-in on her weekend and shakes her to the core with his profession of love. Ava has spent the last year with Scott and wants to marry him, but is now throw-off by this confession from her ex. The other two siblings Kevin and Patrick have their own issues. Kevin got caught in a smooch with his ex and Patrick is in jail. Patrick's wife Jennifer is on the island for the weekend representing her family but is having a tough time managing the stress that comes with three boys and a husband who is incarcerated. Her dependency on pills is proving to be a huge problem and will soon be out in the open because of her erratic behavior.

As you can tell the Quinn family is full of drama but there is an underlying tone of love and family affection that's hard to miss. I found myself rooting for the family members and hanging on by a thread to see if Bart, the youngest Quinn, would make if home for the holidays. Sadly, Hildebrand left a HUGE cliff hanger and none of the family members' stories came to any kind of closing. This bothers me soooo much but I guess she was just leaving it open for another book. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long! Regardless of the cliff hanger this is another good book by Hildebrand. It's perfect for a cold day snuggled up next to a fire place. Oh that sounds amazing right now... I so wish it got cold enough here for a fire! Anyways, if you've read the book leave a comment and let me know what you though. Happy reading! :)

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