Monthly Mash-Up: October

What I am wearing:

This month I mostly wore jeans and tanks. It finally cooled down but only for a few days. I took advantage and wore every plaid I own and my most comfy sweater. I got the sweater above at TJ Maxx and I love it! It's comfy and just the right amount of over-sized. I had a hard time finding it online but I did find one on Poshmark. I've also been wearing my ripped jeans from Old Navy a ton. They are technically boyfriend jeans but aren't too baggy to where they look sloppy. I can't wait until I can pull out my boots and throw a scarf!

What I am reading:

I read several books over the last few weeks but Summer Secrets by Jane Green was my favorite. It was set (mostly) in Nantucket and was about an alcoholic who completely turned her life upside down because of her reckless drinking. The story centered around redemption and forgiveness and will make you fall in love with the main characters' heart. It's a must read this fall, even though it is set in the summer time. The other two books I read were pretty good as well. The Good Neighbor is about a blogger who starts with a little white lie and spirals into "living" another life online. It was an easy read but it wasn't one of my favorite books I've read this year. As for Winter Stroll, I just posted a book review yesterday if you want to hear a little more about the book.

What I am planning:

The past month was jam packed with traveling and busy busy weekends. I'm excited that the next month will mostly be spent in town with the exception of Thanksgiving weekend. I am beyond excited for Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday and I look forward to the yummy food and family time every year. Sadly, I won't get to spend actual Thanksgiving with my family but the good news is that we will be with the Wooster fam. We will be joining my family in Palm Springs for the weekend to watch my brother's lacrosse tournament. It should be a nice little weekend getaway. Also, Mark's birthday is coming up so I'm working on a birthday gift and a little get-together with friends. 

What I am watching:

I am obsessed with Homeland. I've loved this show since the very first season and it's taken a crazy turn this year. I'm currently watching this past Sunday's episode and I am so distracted lol. It's just so dang good! I've also been watching the Affair and Scandal but I am a couple weeks behind. I'm hoping to catch up this weekend.

What I am craving:

Oh Halloween candy, how I despise you so! I was doing so good until Mark and I bought a bag just in case we got trick-or-treaters. We bought the bag of different flavored tootsie rolls and I can't stay away from them! They are so yummy! In Orange Theory this past weekend they talked about how long/ much you have to workout to burn off a single piece of candy. Holy moly, I will have to workout everyday for the next month to burn it all off haha. Oh a slightly healthier note, I've been craving acai bowls. I just started making them at my house and they make such a delicious breakfast. I shared the super simple recipe here.

What I am eating:

I've been cooking a ton and I'm loving my new Paleo cookbook by Juli Bauer. When I'm not eating candy I try to cook somewhat reasonably. :) Her Sticky Lemon Chicken is delicious and I've made it a couple time now. We also tried the JalapeƱo Popper Chili and it's so freaking good. I've also been making breakfast for dinner, carne asada bowls, red thai beef curry, chicken tacos, etc. I'm hoping to try some new recipes this week too. 

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