Weekend Recap {Birthdays, Baseball, and Babies!}

I just love him!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I know we did. We were home in Vegas all weekend and it was a pretty jam-packed time, per usual right?? I did get some down-time yesterday which was nice, but we had to be up at 4 am to leave. YIKES! I had to make sure I would get back in town by my 11 am doctor's appointment. We ended up making great time :) Thank the Lord!

We started the weekend off with dinner at Pizza Rock with my mom, sister, Mark, and Lauren. The food was yummy and we had a great time. Next, my sister and I ran to some stores to try and find something for me to wear out for Dina's birthday. I don't usually go to clubs so my closet was seriously lacking something club-worthy. My sister calls my clothes, nun-clothes lol. Anyways, I found a super cute romper that had an open back. I was really self-conscious but ended up really liking it! I figure I can wear it again for the Rodan+ Fields convention in Vegas. :)

With the birthday girl! **Don't mind my crazy looking eyes- the flash was so bright!

Mark and I met up with Dina, Will, Jake, and Meaghan at their hotel. Then we went to Jewel in Aria to see the Chainsmokers. Such a fun night!! My legs were pretty sore from all the dancing haha... I'm old!

The next day we had a pool day and hung with the fam until it was time for Chase's baseball game. We had dinner beforehand at Born and Raised and then went to the game. We got to see him pitch, which was awesome!!
Sweaty baseball selfie :) 

On Sunday, we went to see Bad Moms with a big group of women. OH MY GOODNESS, it was hilarious! I'm not even a mom but I still thought everything in there was so funny. I can relate to some of those crazy moments from teaching. If you haven't seen it yet, get your booty to a theater and do so!

We were pretending he was a wittle baby still- he wasn't having it!

Davy with Chasen

On Sunday night we had a delicious steak dinner... thanks mom! Then hung out at the house for awhile with Breyen, Katie, baby Davy, Lauren, and Chase. It was fun to see everyone!

We packed up our car when it was still dark and made it on the freeway before 5 am. It was a whirlwind weekend but I was so glad we got to see some friends and family. Plus, I was so happy that we were with Dina for part of her birthday weekend, especially since we missed it last year.

Today, we got some work done at the house and I feel like it's coming together. I'll post some pictures soon! :) Have a great day!


  1. Looks like you had a good weekend. I watched Bad Moms in theater a couple of days ago. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Which is saying a lot because I usually don't like comedies.