Road Trip Part 1: Idyllwild, CA

I'm back! We just got home from our road trip yesterday so I wanted to get a post up today to share what we did. The first part of our trip was spent in Idyllwild, CA. We both had never been there before but our fiends Emily and James recommended it. We loved this cute little mountain town!

If you remember from my post a few weeks ago, we were actually supposed to be in Cancun but had to cancel our trip last minute. We knew we still wanted to go somewhere but we weren't exactly sure where and for how long. Our trip came together the day before we left. Way to wait to the last minute, right???

When I was looking for lodging, I wanted to find a B&B. We've stayed in a couple before and LOVED them. Since this was so last minute I ended up going with an Inn that was reasonably priced and had vacancies. I couldn't afford to be picky with such short notice. We ended up staying at the Creekstone Inn and LOVED it. The inn wasn't a B&B but they had coffee around the clock and a kitchen open to the guests. The woman running the inn was super friendly and made us feel right at home. I choose the "Out West" room, out of the available themes. It was a good choice because Mark was obsessed with it haha. We peaked at the other rooms when they were open (after the guests had left) and really liked the other themes too. I still think we had the best one though. :) The inn was walking distance to everything and was the perfect place for us to stay.

Our first day there was spent checking out the town and finding places to watch the Olympics. The Olympics were a common theme of our entire trip haha. We wandered into a Mexican restaurant at first but the service was terrible and we ended up leaving. The next place we went to was Jo Ann's. They lured us in with the live music and yummy-smelling BBQ. We walked around some more and headed back to the room to rest and change for dinner.

Cafe Aroma

We ate dinner at Care Aroma. I had done a little bit of research before we went up to Idyllwild and knew this was a place we wanted to try. The food was SO yummy! I highly recommend making reservations because they were PACKED.

Mark's dinner- vegetable stuffed Portobello mushrooms with a balsamic drizzle
my dinner- ravioli with sun dried tomatoes and a garlic, olive oil, and tomato sauce. YUMMM!

Afterwards, we went to Idyology, which was right across from our inn. We hung out on the deck, listened to the live music, and played card games. The perfect night!

The next day we went on the hunt for a good hike. We ended up at the ranger station to get a hiking pass and he sent us on a hike that he said would leave us sweating and breathing hard. Boy, was he right! He told us the hike was 3.3 miles each way and we would climb about 1,600 ft. We were already pretty high in the mountains, so we knew this was going to be a challenge. The hike was hard but beautiful. It also ended up being around 7.7 miles total and it kicked my booty. My legs and butt were so sore the next day lol. I also got pretty dehydrated and had a killer headache when we got back. Mark had me on a water drinking schedule but I still didn't drink enough. Thank goodness he was there to get me Powerade, snacks, and Advil. :)

the view from our hike :)

We relaxed for the rest of the day and then ate at Arribas for dinner. It wasn't my favorite place to eat but they were playing the Olympics. Win for us!

On our last morning we went to a local coffee shop to grab a light breakfast and read for awhile outside. Two of my favorite things- books and coffee! I finished The Cursed Child that morning. I'll be posting a Book Over-Review soon! Afterwards, we checked out and headed to our next part of the trip. More on that to come!

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