House Updates

We've been working on getting the house setup and everything put in place. Our new house has smaller rooms so we have a lot of shuffling of decorations and furniture. It's coming together though :)

This is in the spare bedroom/ my office. The room is kind of a mess because all of Mark's tools are in there and a bunch of other things that haven't found a home yet lol. More pictures of this area to come!

In our living room we have our giant frame that we used at our wedding. I love this thing! To the right is the chair that is below. Also, that's Oliver who is passed out on the couch. 

I LOVE this chair. We picked it up from my parent's house this weekend. 

I showed some living room pictures of the maps/ charts in a previous post but I thought I would share again in case you missed them. 

Mark made this mason jar holder for me. We barely have any storage space so these three little jars are actually very needed. I love my handy hubby!

Weird that I am posting a picture of my toilet lol but I wanted you to see the bathroom from all angles. 

I'll post more pictures as we get some things done. Mark's working on another project for me as we speak. He's so sweet! :)


  1. How cute is that mason jar rack/holder/thing?!?! Haha! I love that!!!

  2. I really like that mason jar holder. Very neat idea. Your home decor is very nice. We moved in to a new rental a month ago. I finally got around to getting everything set up.

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