Delirium Trilogy

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I've been on a serious reading kick.... between books and The Good Wife, I've been busy haha. I flew through the Delirium Trilogy and LOVED the books. I usually resist reading the young adult action genre because I always think they aren't my "thing."  It's when I finally pick them up that I realize I LOVE these kind of books lol.  I wanted to share a glimpse of all the books in the series but if I do, I would be giving everything away. Let's just start with the first book.

In the series opener, Delirium, we learn about this "new" United States where love has become a thing of the past and is considered a very dangerous disease. People must get cured right after their 18th birthday to ensure the safety and continuation of society. The problem with the "cure" is that people aren't the same after the procedure and good results aren't always guaranteed.

Meet the main character, Lena Holloway. She's a 17-year old girl living with her aunt and uncle after the death of her mother. She is anxiously awaiting her cure appointment so she isn't threatened with the awful alternative, the disease. Lena knows the terrible side-effects of those who are not cured, and it has terrified her since she was little.

Throughout the book, Lena is tempted to go against her goody-toe-shoe ways to try and stop her best friend from her reckless acts of sneaking out and listening to forbidden music.  Lena knows they just need to make it a few shorts months until their cure and they will be fine. Why is her friend pushing the boundaries now?? Also, there's a boy, Alex, that seems to pry this new risky side out of Lena, not without some serious resistance though.

The book becomes much more complicated when surprise surprise, the government doesn't seem to just be protecting the citizens. It seems they are being sheltered and then beaten into submission when they cross the line. Lena is shocked to realize the truth but soon encounters another betrayal in Alex. Will she follow her heart or keep on her straight and narrow path?? Read the book to find out :)

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  1. This sounds like a really good book. I'm definitely going to add it to my "Must Read" list.