New School Year Essentials

Teacher friends, this post is for you! It's the start of the school year so that means new clothes and some other essentials. If you have to go back to work, why not have on a cute outfit and some other fun items?? In teacher terms, fun is what I call new pens and a lunch box haha. I just get excited when I get new school supplies! :) And a planner is like my ultimate exciting item!

These pens are so essential for grading and editing papers. I LOVE them! Plus the fun colors make them that much better.

I found this planner on Etsy and I'm obsessed! I love my Erin Condren planner but I'm really sick of buying stickers for it. I know, I know... I've gone on and on about planner stickers but when you spend $20 for a pack that essentially gets you through one, maybe two weeks, that's kind of crazy. Without the stickers, it's just not as functional and it's a little too big. I'm not giving up on it yet but I'm really contemplating this adorable planner. What do you guys think??

If you've read any of my blog posts then you probably know that I LOVE Old Navy. I always find good things there for a great price. My latest find are their pixie chino pants. They end right at your ankle, which is super flattering. Plus they are super comfortable and have a stretch to them. I bought these maroon (they look red in the picture but they're aren't) pair this past week and I'm going to order the navy and maybe another color. These just make dressing for school so easy and I can wear them with boots when it gets colder. Win win!  I also love these gingham crops and this dress.

If you don't have a jean jacket, you need one asap. I've had many over the years but my favorite is a light jean wash that I got from Old Navy several years ago. It has a little bit of stretch, which is nice. I hate things that are too constricting. They just go with EVERYTHING! I wear it with dress pants, black jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.

I have used the same ratty lunch box for two years now lol. I have a hard time finding one that is big enough and will hold several tupperware containers. I usually bring my breakfast, lunch, and a snack to school. I require a lot of space in a lunch bag! I found this cute one online and I wish it was in stores when I bought this one. I like my new bag but the one pictured is even cuter!

I drink a ton of water at school, so a good water bottle is pretty key. I'm such a weirdo about my water and want it to be SUPER cold. My hydroflask does the trick and I'm in love. I've heard these Yeti tumblers are awesome too! I love that they come with a straw because I feel like I drink so much more water with a straw. Does anyone else feel that way??

I hope everyone has a great first week back at school!

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