July Disney Trip

Last Wednesday, my friend Stephanie and I headed up to Anaheim to go to Disneyland/ California Adventure. It has become our "thing" and we love it! The day was super humid and hot but the park wasn't as crowded as it normally is... bonus! We had quite the adventure with getting scolded several times by Disney employees, for doing things we didn't know was wrong lol. Also, Big Thunder closed twice while we were in line. The 2nd time it closed we were in line for 45 minutes and were the next people to get on. Huge bummer but they ended up giving us a fast pass for any time wanted. We were finally able to go on the ride after World of Color.  Oh yeah, they also closed down Main Street for awhile because of a bee hive too. :) Interesting day!

So excited to be in the park!!

Our first ride- Matterhorn, of course!

We had dinner at the Wine Trattoria which was so delicious. They had LOTS of gluten free options for Steph and it was nice to just sit for awhile.

So tired but powering through :) 

We got there are 8:30 and made it our mission to power through as late as possible. We had a blast and went on TONS of rides. One of my favorite rides of the day was Soaring Over the World (I think??). It used to be called Soaring Over California but they've recently changed it. They did a great job! We LOVED it!  We also got a fast pass to World of Color at California Adventure and WOW it was amazing! I had never seen it before and it was worth the wait! So beautiful!

We finally left around 10:30 and headed to our hotel. Such a fun day!

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