Five on Friday {Change of Plans}

Happy Friday everyone! Today marks the first day that the Nordstrom sale is open to the public. I have no idea why I don't have a Nordstrom debit card... lol I could have shopped the sale a week ago! I actually tried to get one yesterday but the system is down. So, I'll be shopping the sale today! More on that later... I hope you have a great weekend!

One- Change of Plans

On my last Five on Friday, I posted about how excited I was to go on our upcoming trip to Cancun. Actually, I've talked about it a lot... Unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip. :( My doctor advised us not to go since we are trying to have a baby. Such a bummer. Originally, I wasn't worried about the Zika virus when we booked our trip because I hadn't heard anything about Mexico having the virus. Well apparently I'm not very geographically aware because Cancun is right next to all the places that have had serious issues with it.

On the CDC website, it has Mexico as a level 2 which means travel with precaution. When I saw this, I thought the doctor would just tell us to wear lots of bug spray and stay out of areas that are more prone to mosquitos. Boy was I wrong. He was very direct in telling us that we would be putting ourselves at great risk because there is no way for us to know 100% whether we contracted the virus. We would have to wait 6 months to continue trying to have a baby. It's just not worth it in the long run. For women who are not pregnant or trying to conceive, you're fine... so don't let this scare you :)

That being said, I'm extremely sad to miss this trip with my parents. We were going to celebrate their 30th anniversary and the resort sounded amazing. My parents have been super accommodating and tried to change the trip so we could go. We spent two days looking at tons of resorts, cruises, etc. I have never stared at a computer screen for that long lol. Unfortunately, a lot of tropical places are having the same issues as Mexico. Also, we just couldn't get the same kind of deal we had in Cancun.

I've been super emotional about the entire situation but I think it was the disappointment in everything, not just the trip that made me upset. My parents and Mark have been so sweet trying to reason with me and not make me feel like it's my fault. I'm hoping we can plan another trip like this again one day... maybe we will have a baby by then :)

Stephanie sent me the quote above: "God's plans for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day." - Louie Giglio. So true and it just confirms everything Mark and I were talking about this week. The Lord has a plan for us and I know that it's better than my own, just some days I have to hold a little tighter to that truth, than others.

Two- Business Meeting

My friend Sara and I had a business meeting on Tuesday. It was so great to finally meet her son Layton!! He's the most precious little thing and just hung out with us the entire time we had breakfast and talked business. There are so many perks to my Rodan+ Fields business but one of the best things is working with friends. :)

Three- Nordstrom Sale Picks

Leggings  |  Jeans  |  T-shirt

Four- New Fave Salad

Mark's cousin, Laura. made the best salad a few months back at Tracy's bachelorette weekend. It has farrow in it and I've never cooked farrow before. Let me tell you, it was the easiest thing ever and tasted delicious! I made it with Chicken Milanese... another favorite of ours. You need to make this salad asap! Just a heads up, I omitted the radishes. 

Five- Blink 182 Concert

Last night, Mark and I went to the All American Rejects, A Day to Remember, and Blink 182 concert. It brought me right back to middle/ high school. I use to go to concerts ALL the time in high school and we were both super into punk. I wish I had my studded belt and checkered vans still haha!  Such a fun concert!


  1. Such a bummer about your trip, but I'm glad you guys are doing what's best for you!

  2. Glad you had fun at the concert. I listened to those bands in my high school years. Sorry to hear about the cancellation of the trip. It's easier said than done, but keep your focus on God and know He has plans for you.