Weekend Recap: Visitors in Town

Happy Monday everyone! First off, did you notice that my blog got a facelift?? I loved my last template but the super small middle area drove me insane. Since it was a premade template I couldn't change the width without messing everything up. I like this much better! Anyways, this was a busy weekend with lots of fun! Mark came home a day early which was a very happy surprise. Also, the Hellems (aka our 2nd family) were in town. It was great to see everyone! I have lots of pics so lets jump in!

We are obsessed with Jax :)

Ahi salad- SO GOOD!

Cutie- patooties

Mark's meal: a Bovine submarine from Soda & Swine

My bovine skillet minus the cheese


 I hope you all had a great weekend! :)

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