Super Easy DIY Tissue Paper Pom

I am hosting a baby sprinkle this weekend so I have been crafting a few decorations. Some of the decorations are these tissue paper poms. It's an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a space for any event. I made about 20 of these for a shower last year but they were a bigger size. It didn't take me long to realize that the larger sized poms take forever to make and they also take so much paper. This method is so much easier!

1. tissue paper (6 sheets per pom) *I used the 16.5 x 24 size
2. clear fishing wire
3. scissors

1. Take 6 sheets of tissue paper and fold it in half (hot-dog way). 

2. Fold it in half again to get a good crease.

3. Cut it in half and unfold the paper. Lay the stacks on top of each other.

4. Accordion fold the tissue paper in strips about 1.5 inches. 

** Make sure to go over the creases several times.

5. Take out four sheets at a time and refold them. Use your scissors to cut a rounded end on each side. This gives the pom it's shape. Repeat the same steps until you have done this to all of the paper. 

6. Re-stack the papers on top of each other and fold back up. 

7. Measure out the fishing wire to the length that will work for you. When I made the poms last time I had planned on hanging them from a ceiling. I left the wire extra long to allow me to hang the poms at various lengths. This time they are just sitting on a table so I don't need a long wire. *Tie it tightly in the middle.

8. Fan out the sides of the pom. Turn it sideways and lay it in between your knees. I found this to be the easiest method. Take a piece from the left side and right side and start to fan it out. Rotate the tissue paper so you are now spreading out the paper from the other side of the wire knot. 

9. Keep moving in a circular motion until all of the paper is fluffed and spread out. Go back in and spruce up any areas that need a little more fluffing. Move the paper around so there are no bare spots. 

Now you're done! I've made these with all different colors but I needed white this time around. I think a patterned paper like polka dots would be adorable as well! 

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