10 Things to do in San Diego

I am linking up with Karli today for another 10 on Tuesday. I thought I would share some of my favorite things to do in San Diego. When I was thinking of ideas for this list it made me realize how boring I am lol. I definitely like to do things that are more on the low-key side but I'm always up to try something new as well. San Diego has so much to offer so I'm making it my mission this summer to branch out and try a few different places/ experiences. Let's dive into my list...

1. Take a walk at Sunset Cliffs: I love sunset walks more than anything and the Cliffs is one of my favorite places to go. It helps that it's five minutes from my house and it's also so stinking beautiful!

2. Ride bikes in Coronado: This is a mega-touristy thing to do but I love it. Coronado is one of my favorite places because I love the small town feel. Whenever people are in town we usually end up on the island riding bikes or checking out the cute little shops. Plus they have some of my favorite restaurants like the Tavern or Tartine.

3. Concerts in the Park: During the summer, Coronado has free concerts in the park. You bring a picnic, blankets, and chairs and you get to relax and listen to some music. This is one of my favorite traditions and we always bring people when they come to visit from out of town. As I said above, Coronado is one of my favorite places.  It looks like the 2016 schedule isn't up yet but click here to check back.

4. Drive up the coast: Technically this includes North County too but I'm counting it as a San Diego activity. We have a jeep so it's super fun to take the top off and drive up the coast. We did this a few weekends ago and stopped in Encinitas and Carlsbad for food and to check out some record shops. So fun! We've also taken the train up the coast before and that's a great time as well.

5. Lay out at the beach: I don't know if I have a favorite beach in San Diego but I just like going to the beach in general. We usually end up at dog beach in OB or in Coronado. I think La Jolla is really beautiful but it's crazy trying to find parking. No thank you lol. If you haven't figured it out by now (from reading my other posts) I LOVE reading. Relaxing in the sunshine with a good book sounds perfect to me... maybe add an ice cold beer to that too!

6. Head to a Padres game: I love going to baseball games. In the past 5-6 years since we started dating, we've been to a ton of games. The stadium is super nice and it's my idea of the perfect summer activity! Plus they sometimes have concerts after the games which is always fun.

7. Hiking: San Diego has some great hiking spots. There are a ton of options whether you go to Torrey Pines or up to Julian but I actually really enjoy just driving the 20 minutes or so to Mission Trails. It's peaceful and relaxing. People always talk about going to Potato Chip Rock and that's definitely on my list of things to do.

8. Paddle boarding in Mission Bay: Every time I think about paddle boarding it reminds me of the time that my friend Katie and I got stuck in the middle of the bay. The wind was pushing us back and we were paddling like crazy to get to the shore. Then these kids on sail boats decided to circle us lol great times. All that being said, I really do like paddle boarding. It's a great workout and fun to be outside on the water.

9. Go out for breakfast. I absolutely love going out to breakfast. There's just something so nice about getting a big breakfast and not having to cook any of it yourself lol. To the Point is one of our favorite places and we also love Wonderland. Both are super close to our house but Wonderland has an awesome view. I recently went to Vessel on Shelter Island and I was told they have an awesome brunch. That's next on our list!

10. Hit up a brewery. I really like beer so the fact that I live in a place that has TONS of local breweries is awesome! I think it's so fun to try new breweries out, especially since a couple just popped up near us. We like going to Stone Brewery because of the outside area. The one in Escondido has an even better patio with lots of space. We did a brewery tour there with family and friends the week of our wedding.  So fun!

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