10 Things To Do When You're Feeling Stressed

This past week was super overwhelming for me. I stretched myself too thin and just had a lot going on.  I hate feeling like that! I'm feeling MUCH better now though! I thought I would share some things I do when I'm stressed and some that I should do more often haha.

1. Pray. This should be my first step when I get that overwhelming feeling but sadly it's not always my go-to. I know it makes a difference when I do though.

2. Get some fresh air. Sometimes just getting away from your desk or your house can really help to clear your mind and give you a fresh perspective.

3. Go on a walk... preferably a scenic one. This goes hand and hand with #2. Do ever just have to get out to think? I feel like that all the time. When I have too many distractions around me it's like I can't even process what's happening.  Exercise in general is great when you are feeling stressed. I ALWAYS feel better after a good sweat sesh, even if it's just a quick Tone It Up workout.

4. Make a list. I am the queen of lists. I have lists upon lists but they don't help unless you organize and prioritize them. I write down everything I need to get done. The things that HAVE to be done are put at the top and then I try to see if I can fit something into another day. Usually, I put the must-do items on a check-list in my planner at the start of the week. This helps me to remember to actually do them.

5. 4x4 breathing. Sometimes I just need to stop and breath before I have a melt-down... anyone else feel like that? 4x4 breathing helps to calm your breathing and helps me to think rationally. You just take a deep breath in for 4 counts and let it out for 4 counts. Keep doing this until you feel human again :)

6. Make a cup of tea. I think the actual act of making tea is so calming and relaxing. Holding the warm mug, inhaling the herbal scent, and drinking the hot liquid is such a quick way to take a moment to breathe.  I also like to make a cup of decaf peppermint green tea before I go to bed to help me fall asleep. I don't know if the tea actually makes me sleepy but it makes me think it does. :)

7. Meet up with a friend. You know those people in your life who always make you smile and you just feel super relaxed around them? Call that person and meet up for a coffee, glass of wine, or dinner. You'll be in a better mental place afterwards!

8. Stay away from social media.  How many times do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and then you realize that 20 minutes has gone by and you didn't get anything done. Plus now you are green with envy because five people just had a baby and all the rest seem to be on tropical vacation. I'm guilty of that! It can be a life-sucker and time-sucker.

9. Take a bubble bath. I love using this lavender vanilla bath soak, lighting a yummy candle preferably my new fave- Endless Weekend, and grabbing a good book. Our current bath tub is super tiny so I'm really hoping our next one has a big soaking tub. That would be amazing!

10. Listen to a comedian. There's actual research that says laughing  helps soothe your tension and relieves stress! Crazy, right? Read more about it here. I do this on my long commute so I don't freak out about all the traffic.

**This is supposed to be a top 10 list but I just had to throw this one in as well :)

11. Clean your work space. When my desk at work or even my desk at home is disorganized I can't focus. I feel so much better once everything is in it's place. I file any papers that can be put away i.e. office forms, handouts from meetings, and papers that can go back in binders. Then I throw anything away that I don't need. I tend to keep things just in case I need them and they pile up. About once a week I do a major purge and chuck it all because let's be real... I'll probably forget it's there anyways. I will also consolidate lists or post-its on my desk because that can get out of hand as well.

 I hope you can benefit from this list! These are super simple ideas but they really help to alleviate some stress.

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  1. I seriously just re-started listening to comedians at work. Yes, there are random bursts of laughter coming from my cubicle but it's so fun and therapeutic!! =) Great list! I need to drink more tea and take more walks!! =)

    Have a great day! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. Yes to bubble baths, walks, and fresh air! I need to work on saying no to social media when stressed...

  3. I love your list! Cleaning my workspace is a must do to reroute my day when I'm feeling stressed. Spending a few minutes cleaning off my desk and organizing files then starting again make me feel much more prepared to tackle a big project! And social media breaks are essential for mental health! :)

  4. Girl, these are great tips! #9 and #11 is definitely me lol. I either try to relax by taking a bubble bath when I'm stressed, or clean the whole house from top to bottom. There's no in between when I'm stressed lol it drives my husband crazy!

  5. This is a great list! I must have clicked on your link because I need to hear this right now... ugh. I am going to take a deep breath and say a little prayer:)

  6. Yes, these are awesome tips! I find going for a walk always helps clear my head and calm me down!