10 Bucket List Items

1. Vacation in Nantucket. I have a slight huge obsession with Nantucket. I've never been but I read a TON of books about it and it seems pretty perfect to me. A friend of ours said his family has a home there... does that offer to visit still stand Sammy??? :)

2. Scuba Dive. I should start by saying the ocean scares the tar out of me! I grew up in Vegas so pools are much more my style. Lately, I have been thinking more and more about how amazing it would be to go scuba diving. I would probably have a freak out thought haha. We are trying to figure out a Hawaii trip this summer so it would be awesome to learn before we go. Maybe I should just start with snorkeling lol.

3. See Vince Gill in concert. I get to check this one off my list on Thursday. I am SO EXCITED. I grew up listening to Vince Gill and I think he's amazing. I am more in awe of him after hearing a recent interview with him on the Highway on Sirius radio. He has worked with so many artists and helped countless people get their start in the business. He is also so dang humble. In the interview he kept raving about other people every time they tried to celebrate his success... I LOVE that.

4. Helicopter ride (in Hawaii). I really want to take a helicopter ride in Hawaii over a volcano. How typical do I sound lol?? I have been researching different helicopter excursions and this one sounds amazing. You get to go by waterfalls too. So fun but also terrifying. I am a huge chicken lol.

5. Visit Yellowstone. My mom and I were talking a few weeks ago about wanting to go to different National Parks and it's so funny because I was literally just thinking about how we used to do this when I was a kid. I grew up camping in a super small trailer and tents. It was not luxurious at all but it was such a great time with countless memories. I want to take a camper on a road trip to visit different parks. I think Yellowstone is at the top of my list.

6. Learn to make macaroons. I've said this for over a year now. I just need to take the time and actually learn to make them. My friend Jenna got me a macaroon cookbook for my birthday so there is no excuse now.

The next few bucket list items are on my Europe wish list and let's be real... there's about 100 more!

7. Take a cooking class in Rome. I would actually love to take a cooking class anywhere in Europe but Rome would be pretty awesome. When I think of Italy, I think of pasta, pizza, and delicious wine. Learning to make something from the masters would be one of the highlights of my life. Yes, that's a tad dramatic, but I love food lol.

8. A sunrise kayak in Killarney, Ireland. I know this one seems super random but I have wanted to go to Ireland for what seems like... ever! I have Irish roots and I just think it looks so breathtaking. While perusing the internet I came across this blog and these amazing pictures that Margo took of her sunrise kayak in Ireland. I HAVE to do this. It seems so serene and peaceful that I feel like I have to experience this in my lifetime. Basically, I want to do everything that she posts about but this one is nearing the top of my list for sure.

9. Head to Munich for Oktoberfest. This would just be amazing, enough said.

10. Visit Bruge, Belgium. Once again, I found this picturesque place on Margo's blog and I'm obsessed. She talks about their experience on the canal system and it just seems right up my alley. It seems very cozy and full of old charm. My cup of tea... or pint of beer because it's Belgium after all!


  1. Fabulous goals, lady! I would love to join you on all of them :)!

  2. Ah, I'd love to visit all of those places. Funny you mention Nantucket and national parks because I'm oddly obsessed with visiting both of those right now!

  3. Fun goals! I have many of the same ones. I have been to Killarney and the area is gorgeous! My honeymoon this year is going to be going partially in Munich for Octoberfest and I am so excited!