Oh Hey, Friday! {Grace}

It's almost the weekend! Woohoo! I have a cram-packed weekend from a baby sprinkle, to James and Emily's engagement party, to a Rodan+ Fields event at my house. It's going to fun! Let's dive in!

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1- Fearless

Yesterday, was the anniversary of Adam Brown's death. If you don't know his story I highly recommend you read the book Fearless. He was a Navy SEAL and had a wild rollercoaster of a career and life in general. The book tells about the darkness he faced and how he overcame it all, through Christ. I spoke a little bit about how I met his wife Kelley, at an event last fall in this post. She is such a kind and sweet person. I can't imagine losing my husband, let alone losing him so young. God bless the Brown family and all the other gold star families out there!

2- Stress case

This has been a whirlwind of a week and I must admit I haven't dealt with it in the best way. Remember, how I posted 10 things to do when you're stressed?? Well I definitely needed to follow my own advice this week. I was a stressed-out-mess and I just let it pile up and overwhelm me. Thank the Lord I have a patient husband, a mom who listens to all my woe-is-me ramblings, and reassuring friends who calm me down and show me so much grace when I get all crazy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

3- AMEN!

When I was praying for an answer about what to do with all of the things on my plate right now this little picture popped into my newsfeed on FB. This is just what I needed to see. I really need to start reading The Best Yes again because I'm not doing a good job of prioritizing my life. I never want to let anyone down and then I overcommit. Then I end up letting everyone down because I'm not giving it my all. I am making a conscious effort to work on this... after this weekend lol!

4- New Rug

Don't mind all the craft stuff on my bookshelves lol

We live in an old apartment that has old carpet. It actually grosses me out when I stop and think about it haha. We just got our carpets cleaned this week... hallelujah! Also, we bought a new rug to put on top. I know what you're thinking... why would you put a rug on the carpet? Well, as I already said the carpet grosses me out and this makes it all better in my mind :) We got this cute little rug from Target. I love it!

5- Shopping

I went shopping last weekend to look for something to wear to James and Emily's engagement party. I found a couple cute things but nothing that was right for the party. I'm excited to wear comfy dresses again!

I think this is a tad too short so I didn't get it :( Sooo comfy though!

I might go back and get this one :)

I got this one from Old Navy... so easy for summer time!

I bought this one (only $15!) for work- it's easy to pair with some sandals and a jean jacket

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  1. That blue sleeveless dress is super cute. I've never heard of Adam Brown but, now that you mention who he is and what the book is about, I'm interested in reading the book.