Low-Key Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe the weekend is over already? It goes by so fast! We had a VERY low key weekend, which is just what I needed. I felt like a frazzled person last week!

Friday was a very long day with a field trip and then staying in North County to watch the Sound of Music performed by students at my school. It was well worth it because the students were fantastic! I was so impressed! Plus, it was nice to sit down and actually enjoy a meal with my work- wife. We usually talk and eat within a 15 minute time period lol.

On Saturday, I worked out at Orange Theory Fitness and then we headed to brunch with some friends. We went to Wonderland in Ocean Beach and I'm so sad that I forgot my camera. The view is incredible and it was a beautiful day. Our food was delicious and I'm hoping it was all Whole30 compliant. I tried my best! :/

Watching my brother-in-law pitch

When we got home from brunch I had the worst headache. Sadly, I had to cancel plans with Emily and ended up taking a nap for a few hours. Apparently, I needed the sleep! We grabbed some salads for dinner and watched the fight at our house. When I say we watched it I mean Mark watched it and I "sorta" watched it lol. It makes me nervous watching people get hurt. :(

On Sunday, we headed to church and man oh man I needed that message. The part that stuck out the most was the question: What consumes you? Wow, this was convicting for me because SO many things consume my life, when only one should- Jesus. I'm thinking about writing a dedicated post about this... if I get the courage to lol!

We came home and had lettuce wrapped burgers for lunch. Since it was raining, we just cooked them on the stovetop. They were so yummy!

I spent the rest of the day running errands with Dina and then we headed to get our nails done. I opted for a pedicure and holy moly there is nothing more relaxing. Well maybe a full body massage lol but I'll settle for a pedicure. For dinner, I tried a new recipe from Nom Nom Paleo... well new to me- Chicken Proscuitto Involtini. Mine did not turn out pretty like hers but I tried haha. We also had roasted broccoli with sea salt. So good!!

Sorry about only having food pics. Some weekend just aren't as exciting as others :) I hope your weekend was relaxing and restful! Come back tomorrow because I'm joining in Karli's list link-up.


  1. The weekends really are going so fast, I wish we could rewind to Friday! Or fast forward to the next one, haha. All of your food looks delish - roasted broccoli with sea salt is our favorite side dish!

  2. I love a good pedi over a mani any day! Low-key weekends are always the best!
    - Leah
    Chasing Texas

  3. I love roasted broccoli, and yours looks delicious. I'd be interested in reading a post from you about what consumes us. I'm guilty of letting other things consume me sometimes, when it should be about Jesus.