Book Over- Review: Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff`

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Let's just start out by saying I didn't like this book in the beginning. This seems to be a theme with all the books I've read lately.  It seemed pretentious and almost like it was trying too hard to be cool, or smart. The over-use of metaphors was driving me nuts! Don't get me wrong, I love a good metaphor but she had a metaphor built into another metaphor. It was exhausting but I kept reading. When I read the second half I started to see the pieces fall more easily together and I found myself reading it during every single free moment. I loved it and in the end I thought the writing was incredibly sophisticated, but still a little pretentious.

Let me set up the story for you... It is written in two parts. The first is in Lotto's perspective and the second is in Matilde's. In Lotto's story you hear snip-its of his childhood and teenage years, and more in depth parts of his marriage. There are constant flashes of the past meeting the present. You get glimpses of Matilde (his wife) but only from his eyes. This is something I love because it's a reminder that no matter how we think of ourselves our spouses always see us in a much better light. Lotto seemed to be a very bright and charismatic man but his ego needed to be stroked at all times. Matilde was consistently there for him through all stages of his life and helped him to become a famous playwright. Throughout his journey you see that he lives in a dream-like state, being loved by almost everyone around him. Even when he wasn't successful, he had his charm and good looks that was a magnet to the people around him.

Matilde's story starts after more than 20 years of marriage. You get a more in-depth look at her haunted childhood with the same flashes of past meeting present. The darkness that penetrated her heart and continued to envelope her life was so sad and a little disturbing. She made some hard choices but also managed to make her life happen in a way that she didn't originally think was possible. I can't imagine growing up in the way she did without becoming stiff, or the "ice queen" as she was referred to in the book. She wanted a marriage with Lotto and got her wish, while falling in love seemed to be a bonus. She had a wonderful marriage with Lotto but never seemed to let herself fully feel worthy of love or experience true joy. She always held back apart of herself and you see this in her reserved demeanor. Her story completes the holes in Lotto's part of the book and made it all worth while.

It was a book that really makes you contemplate what the characters were thinking and you never truly have a full grasp on their lives. This was a heavy book and could not be labeled as an easy read. I felt myself frustrated, a little disgusted, and even saddened by the characters actions. Some of the things that occurred during their lives were such a far stretch from anything I have ever experienced. That being said, I also thought the love they shared was incredibly sweet and romantic. They really stuck through the thick and thin together...or maybe it was more her who stayed by his side through it all. She seemed to be the rock and the glue. It was a little scary how many secrets were in their marriage when they seemed so open and honest.

This book is worth the struggle in the beginning, to see the pieces fall into place during the second half. You will be shocked but also sucked into their strange lives. If you've read this book I would love to hear your thoughts!

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