Healthy Habits for the Holidays

Did you overindulge this past weekend or know that you will in the upcoming weeks? I definitely ate too many bad things and I know that this will most likely for sure continue throughout December unless I make a plan. I am trying to find some balance so I can still have a few treats without busting out of my jeans. Let's be real, they are feeling quite tight already! Here's my plan to bounce back from my overindulgence from Halloween- Thanksgiving (yikes!).

Starting the Day with Lemon Water

There are so many positives to starting your day this way. Lemon water helps with digestion, weight loss, balances pH levels, boosts brain activity, reduces inflammation, and SO much more. Read this article to find out more ways you can benefit from lemon water. I am also up-ing my water intake in general. I drink so slowly throughout the day that sometimes I only have one or two glasses of water by the end of the day which is terrible.

Scheduling Workouts in Advance

This week I scheduled all my workouts in advance and I am trying going to stick to them. I even wrote them in my planner (in pen lol) and I hate crossing things out! I'm trying to treat them like an appointment instead of an option. I have to be up for work super early so working out in the AM is out of the question. I usually schedule a workout at Orange Theory Fitness for the 5:10 class or later if I have something to do right after work. Lately, I've found myself canceling classes when I am tired after work. My goal this week is to stay on top of all my workouts, even if that means working out at home instead of OTF.

Change Up Workouts

I love going to Orange Theory Fitness because the workouts are always different. Plus someone is there to tell me what to do and keep me accountable lol. When I go to the gym by myself I find that I tend to do the same kind of workouts. I recently downloaded some new Tone It Up workouts onto my phone so I can do a different routine when I'm at the gym. Like I said I love to go to Orange Theory but sometimes I can't make the class times for that day. Having workouts right in my phone makes it easy to follow at any time and adds some much needed variety to my workout.

Meal Plan

I plan out most of our meals on Sunday before I go to the grocery store. This gives me a good idea of what I'll need to buy and also helps me to stay organized during the week. Lately I've found that I'm not making my Paleo/ healthy meals as much as I normally do. So this week I decided to find some crockpot meals that I can throw together quickly in the morning and they will be ready when I get home from work. I love to cook but after a long day at work, then working out, the last thing I want to do is cook and then clean it all up. A crock pot makes it pretty easy because it cooks while you're at work and most of the mess is contained to the pot. Meal planning is a game changer when it comes to eating healthy!

Cutting Out Sugary Drinks

This one might kill me. I love my Starbucks and Coffee Bean drinks but I've found myself getting one almost every single day. This is just adding to the other sugary treats that seem to be everywhere this time of year. I'm trying to cut down so that when I do have one it's more of a treat and not an everyday necessity. 

Eat Raw Food

With all the processed deliciousness junk that seems to be everywhere right now adding in more raw food helps with your digestion. I'm not for eating ALL raw food but just adding it in when I can. I added sugar snap peas, bell peppers, and cucumbers to my lunches this week. I've also included more fresh fruit to my diet to help me feel more recharged and energized. I know that when I cut out processed food I feel SOOO much better!

These are the small healthy habits I'm trying to stick to during the holidays. What changes are you making to ensure you don't fall off the wagon?? I would love to hear your suggestions below!


  1. This is wonderful Jess, especially this time of year when the pounds just seem to sneak up.

    1. Thank you! I agree... it starts with one little thing then spirals out of control. I'm trying to reign it in before that happens! :)

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