Weekend Recap

It's so amazing to be writing this knowing that my weekend is continuing because I have the next two weeks off! Woohoo! Sorry to brag but I am so excited :)

This weekend was super fun and full of family time. It started on Friday night when we arrived in Vegas around 7:00 p.m. My family throws a Christmas party on the last day of school before break so we always try to hurry and make it in time. Mark packed up the truck alone since I had to work in the morning. Thanks hubby!! :) The party was super fun and it was great to see old family friends.

On Saturday, we had a big breakfast and then I headed to get my hair cut and colored. I was in SERIOUS need of a trim so I'm so glad that Robin had time to squeeze me in. I love how it turned out :)

It looks WAY more blond here than in person
Then my mom and I headed out to finish some Christmas shopping. We went to Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Ulta. We got a couple good deals but also struck out in some other areas. Bummer. We then headed to the store to round up some ingredients for fondue. We decided on chicken, beef, and mushrooms for the broth part of the fondue and then got bread and apples for the cheese fondue. It turned out delicious!!

Mom prepping food

The boys looking at their new toys

Our setup
On Sunday, my mom made us another big breakfast... one of the many perks of being home :) We also watched the sermon from our home church on my computer while we ate. Afterwards, my mom and I headed back to the mall area to finish up our shopping. We went to Old Navy (they are having a HUGE sale right now), Nordstrom Rock, Golf Galaxy, JcPennys, Macys, and Dicks. We had better luck today and I think I am done besides one gift. AHH so exciting! We rewarded ourselves with a margarita and chips and salsa :) YUM! The drinks were a little bigger than we expected lol.

the GIANT margarita 

Beautiful tree at the mall

Later on we went to dinner with Chase, Mark's dad, Uncle Dave, and Grandma Nancy. This was a special treat because Uncle Dave lives in San Diego (so we rarely see him when we are in Vegas) and Grandma Nancy lives in Louisiana. It was nice to spend time together :) We finished the night by attempting to put together a puzzle. We worked on it for a few hours but barely made a dent lol.
Random light show

Picture while taking a picture lol

Bradford fam

I hope you all had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to another few days of fun family time. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. What a perfect weekend! There is nothing better than being home and made lots of good food :) Yay for accomplishing lots of Christmas shopping and your hair looks fabulous!