Last Minute Christmas Table Decor

So we've been to the grocery store almost everyday and Target several times, but somehow we overlooked the table decor. Ugh! We usually try and craft something for place cards but didn't think of it until today. Luckily, we had a couple things to throw together and I think they turned out pretty cute. We plan on placing them on top of the napkins.

twine or ribbon (red would be super cute)
candy canes
garland or snip a few pieces off your tree
printable tags or gift tags
hole punch

First, I printed these cute little tags from this blog. I used one for a gift in a mason jar and then decided to print more for the table decor. I hole punched each so I could string the twine through it. Then, I snipped a few pieces of greenery off a bouquet that my mom got this past weekend. We have a fake tree so I didn't want to start cutting pieces off of it lol. I placed the greenery and candy cane on top of the twine and tied the printable tag to it. Voila.... simple and cute Christmas table decor :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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