Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did :) It was a pretty relaxing weekend without too many hectic plans. I didn't take very many pictures this weekend. Actually almost all of my pictures are of food haha. I'll call this the weekend of food lol. Here we go...

On Friday night Mark and I went to dinner in Mission Valley at Lazy Dog's. We wanted to go somewhere close to the movie theater since we were going to see the Martian later that night. We had terrible service but the food was super yummy. We got the apple crumble for dessert and holy moly it was yummy!

Mark's seared ahi

I had a burger and the cajun fries. The cajun fries ended up being on another plate because my order was a little messed up

Apple Crumble deliciousness
We ended up not going to a movie because it was sold out in one location and in 3D in the other location. Mark was super bummed because he's dying to see it. Hopefully we can go this week! We ended up just going home and watching some random movie. I also spent some much needed time working on the blog.

On Saturday, I woke up early to go workout at Orange Theory Fitness. It was a great workout and I am still soooo sore today. YIKES! We made breakfast at home, I got showered and ready for the day, then ran some errands. I was on the hunt for some essential parts of my Halloween costume. I found some items but I still need an umbrella and a hat. I better get movin' lol! After I got home and put all the groceries away, Mark and I had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings so we could watch football. We also headed to Coffee Bean so I could load up on caffeine.
Thanks for the pic Mark :)

By the time we were done I needed to get on the road to head to my friend Stephanie's house. Jenna, Jen, and Steph and I got together to have some much needed girl time. We ended up making the caramel apple nachos that I posted about in my Fall Bucket list. See the post here. They were sooooo yummy! Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the girls! Dangit!

On Sunday after church we headed to Harbortown to watch some football and have lunch. We barely eat at home on the weekends. Are you seeing a pattern here lol?? Greg came and hung out with us for awhile and I think I was in a food coma by the time we got home. We vegged out for awhile and I got caught up on Scandal. Does anyone else want Olivia to be with Jake instead of Fitz???? It drives me crazy lol.
Passed out puppy... he's adorable!

Anyways, Sunday was also our first night of our couples Bible study. I get nervous going to new places, even though I already know the host, I don't know the other couples. It ended up being a great night though. I felt so poured into by the time we left and it gave us some good things to think about for the week. When we got home we ate a late dinner since I had put a new chili recipe in the crockpot earlier that morning. It was soooo yummy! I'll share the recipe on here at some point.

Sorry about my lame photo skills this week lol. I hope that you all got some rest this weekend or did something awesome! Have a great day and come back tomorrow for some activewear inspiration. :)

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