My Makeup Faves

I am a self-proclaimed makeup lover. I was never into makeup when I was younger and just wore the basics... foundation, mascara, and blush. I never even wore eyeshadow until college and that was on a special occasion. Over the years I've become more and more interested and started watching youtube tutorials a few years ago. Jaclyn Hill was the first person I watched and I LOVE her. She's quirky, funny, and super knowledgeable. If you haven't seen one of her videos I highly recommend you do. I also like MakeupByTiffanyD, RachhLoves, Tati, The Small Things Blog, and Fleur DeForce. I've learned so much and truly love the whole process of putting on my makeup each day. Today, I thought I would share some of my makeup favorites. I rotate in some other products but these have never failed me. They are my tried and true, my faves!

1- The IT Cosmetics CC Cream was such a good discovery this past spring/ summer. It has a 50 spf which is great because I was in the sun a ton this summer. It has great coverage but doesn't feel heavy at all. Since, it's a CC cream there are only 5 (maybe 6 shades??) and it blends to match your skin tone. I have the light shade that I use most of the year and the medium that I use in the summer. I will most likely start blending them together because the light it a touch too light for me right now.

2- I talked about this NYX HD Concealer on my Five on Friday post a few weeks ago and I'm still loving it. It doesn't cake up underneath my eyes and glides on super easily. I use my Sigma concealer brush to easily blend it. I love this stuff and you can't beat the $4.99 price tag.

3- The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is my perfect eyeshadow palette! It has lots of neutral colors and I love all the different warm toned browns. I got this a couple years ago and I am almost out of a couple colors. I use it pretty much every day. The champagne color, the light tan, and the matte brown are my most used shades. All the eyeshadows blend easily and pair together together so well! This is a makeup must-have for me!

4- I am pretty pale and most bronzers make me look very made-up or are too muddy. The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is almost perfect in the sense that it's not overwhelming on my face and blends easily. I've also used the bronzed and poreless version by Too Faced and I like that one just as much but sadly mine is in a million littles pieces now. I hate when that happens!

5- An eyeshadow primer is a MUST-have in my life. I have oily eyelids and without a primer my makeup slides everywhere. Plus my mascara rubs off onto my eyelid. Ugh, that bothers me so much! I've tried several kinds and the NARS eyeshadow base is truly the best.

6- Mascara is probably my favorite makeup item. I never leave the house without it because I feel like it immediately makes me look more awake and put together. I've tried so many kinds but I always go back to my drugstore favorites. The Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara is my current fave because it gives me great volume and length. I love love love it!

7- I have this strange obsession with blush. I'm constantly looking at new blush although I don't actually purchase many different kinds lol. I love Mac's Pro Longwear blushes because they stay all day and have great pigmentation. My absolute favorite is Rosy Outlook and I've worn this little guy to death. I've hit pan and will have to buy a new one soon. It's the perfect shade of pink with a slight peach undertone. It makes my cheeks look flushed without looking super overdone.

I hope enjoyed the little glimpse into my makeup bag. What are your must haves?


  1. I'm going to try out that CC cream you recommended! Thanks! Great post! You know you're my go-to when it comes to girly stuff!! Xo

  2. even when i dont wear anything - i still wear mascara. :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Mascara is my fave too, deff need to try your rec!

    1. I've also been into the Miss Manga Rock. It's the one with the lime green lid. It can get clumpy super fast so I have to use a spoolie to brush out my eyelashes after. It is super black though and makes my lashes look long.

  4. I love the Too Faced chocolate line because of the smell, haha! I haven't tried any of these other products, but they allll sound great!