My Monthly Mash-up: September

What I am wearing:

I've been loving bright colored and patterned shorts. They just add a fun element to my typically very neutral outfits. The shirt from above is also a beloved Old Navy favorite from this summer. It's very swingy and comfy while also giving you some sort of shape. Sometimes those baggier tops can make me look larger than I am, but I think this one does a good job of still making me look like I have curves. Unfortunately, they don't have it on their website any more. I FINALLY got to wear a plaid shirt this weekend so I figured that's enough to call it a favorite right lol?? I LOVE  plaid shirts and I plan on living in them this fall. This plaid is also from Old Navy, shocker! 

What I am reading:

I finished three more books this month. WOOT WOOT! I finished Circling the Sun by Paula McClain earlier in the month and I posted a review on it here. Such a great book but a little slow in the beginning. I also finished Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, which was a serious struggle for me. I've had this book for months but it was also put on the back burner for some reason. I'm glad I finally finished it but I'm unsure if I loved it or not. Once I got into it I couldn't put it down but it was also super disturbing. I like happy books and the ending to this one was just so strange. I have been recommending it to people though so I guess I liked it haha.
 The Idea of Love by Patti Callahan Henry was a super easy read. It was a sweet love story set in the south. What's not to love?? I am currently reading Astronaut Wives Club, Summer Secrets by Jane Green and A Praying Life. I'm really liking all three books even though they are completely different. I know it probably sounds so strange that I read more than one book at a time but sometimes I crave one type or book over the others.

What I am planning:

We have had the CRAZIEST month so I'm happy to say that I only have one planned (okay maybe two) out-of-town weekend(s) this month. YAY! I'll be heading to Tahoe in October for a wedding and then to Vegas the following night for another wedding. It will be kind of a crazy weekend but I'm happy I get to celebrate such special days with my friends. Mark will be out of town for a few weeks but I'm hoping we will have time to go up to Julian for some apple pie and to see the leaves changing. 

What I am watching:

Big Brother is finally over. I loved watching it but kind of got bored of it by the end of the summer. Mark and I have both been loving Fixer Upper on HGTV. Chip and Joanna (the hosts) are seriously the cutest couple ever and we pretty much want to be them lol. They are goofy and fun and just love each other so dang much. Plus their home and the work they do on other homes is incredible! You have to go check out the show if you haven't already. Also, I LOVE Joanna's style... it makes me want to live somewhere cold so I can layer in cute clothes too. 

What I am craving:

I am craving cooler weather. This heat wave just won't stop! I was loving life in Half Moon Bay last weekend because of the perfect weather. It was overcast and brisk in the mornings (just like it usually is here) and the air was cool for the rest of the day.
I am also craving sweets. I've had such a sweet tooth lately and I am in the mood to bake. Since I will have some down time this weekend I plan on making english muffins and some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

What I am eating:

This month has not been the healthiest for me. We have eaten out SO MUCH and I feel like I've barely cooked. I am definitely not one of those girls who chooses a salad when I go to a restaurant. I usually go for a juicy burger and fries. I have no will power lol. We've eaten some delicious food this month though, from sushi and steak on our nights out to Mexican brunch bowls and tacos at home. I'm hoping to be able to cook a lot more this month {cross my fingers}. With Mark gone I usually eat breakfast for dinner several times a week but hopefully I will be able to try some new recipes too. Also, I have still been loving the La Croix sparkling waters and this month my favorite is the passionfruit. So delicious!!!

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