My Current Wish List

I've had my eye on several items in the past couple of weeks so I thought I would share a few... okay maybe a little more than a few :)

1. Riding Boots- I have been on the hunt for some new black riding boots and I think these are pretty perfect. I love the slouchy detail and the cute buckles. I need to make a trip to DSW to actually try them on to see if they are just as cute in person.

2. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation- I've talked about my love for this foundation in a past Five on Friday post and I am still loving it. I just need a lighter shade since I've lost all traces of a tan on my face. I got a sample of a lighter shade and it mixes pretty well with my current color.

3. Zella Leggings- I am always on the hunt for the perfect black leggings. I am super picky about them being thick enough that they won't be see-through but also not too thick to where they are hot. It doesn't get very cold in San Diego so I don't need anything super warm. I've heard great things about the Zella leggings and I want to check them out. Have any of you tried them?

4. Faux- Shearling Vest- This vest is seriously adorable! I saw it at JcPenny's the other day and should have gotten it then. I'm still contemplating whether or not I'll actually wear it lol. It's currently on sale for $49 and I have a 25% off coupon. I may just have to pick this up!

5. MAC 135 Brush- Jaclyn Hill was raving about this brush the other day in a haul video. She says it's the perfect bronzer brush and I was immediately intrigued. I have a super old brush that I use for bronzer right now and it always sheds little tiny hairs on my face when I use it. Ugh, that bothers me so much! I'm hoping to get this brush soon!

6. Lucky Wedge Booties- I've posted about these booties before and they are STILL on my radar. Last time I went to Nordstrom they were sold out :( The color is just perfect for the fall and wedges are always super comfy. Mark asked me if these were wedges or booties. I said both and he decided they should be "wooties" lol.


  1. I have the Zell Live-In Leggings and love them!

    1. I need to just go and buy them lol. I'm trying this whole no-spend November thing and it's so hard! It's a bad sign when I am struggling and it's only 3 days into the month. :(