Weekend Recap

This weekend was super relaxing and relatively uneventful considering how crazy the last month has been. On Friday, my work-wife :) Stephanie and I went to dinner at Tender Greens and shopped for a little bit at the UTC mall. It was nice to just hang out and chat!
I stopped at the macaron stand 'lette before Stephanie got to the mall. I took down all 6 of those by myself. Whoops!
I went to Sephora and picked up the Sephora Favorites- eyeliners. So far I have only tried the Smashbox one so I am excited to see how I like the others. 

On Saturday, I worked out at Orange Theory and I am so happy to be back! I was on a weird hiatus for awhile there but I'm back to being addicted. I already signed up for 5 classes this coming week. I need to make it habit once again... it's so crazy how fast your body gets out of the whole workout mode. I spent the rest of the day cleaning, putting up some fall decor, grocery shopping, and running other errands. I know it sounds so dorky but I love getting things checked off my list, it makes me feel accomplished. 
Post-Orange Theory workout selfie
Toasted Graham latte... mmmm!

On Saturday night, I used my beloved Clarisonic, Purity cleanser, and I tried a TonyMoly Brightening face mask. It was super refreshing and so different them the rest of my masks. I'll be using this again soon!

I attempted to make homemade english muffins on Saturday night too and it was a half- fail :( They tasted delicious but they all turned out a little burnt. I wish they looked as good as they taste! 

My outfit for Sunday. It was nice and chilly when I left for church.

I made Giada's House soup from the Food Network magazine. SOOOO GOOD! I'll post the recipe later this week

Soaking wet after church because of the crazy down pour!
Crockpot Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

I spent the rest of Sunday running a couple more errands, watching movies (because of the amazing rainy weather), and I worked out at the track. I ended my night with by Facetiming with Katie, Breyen, and Baby Davey. So fun!!

I'm sorry if the rest of my pictures aren't super exciting but it was a very laid back weekend. It was probably really good for me to have some downtime and not have a bunch of crazy plans. I hope you all had a blessed weekend! 
Happy Monday!

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