My Fall Bucket List

Now that my hubby is home I plan on checking off some activities on my fall bucket list. The first stop is Halloween costume hunting, of course! We're going to be Mary Poppins and Bert and I can't wait! We've never spent a Halloween in the same city in the five years we've been together... crazy, right?? Not only is Mark usually gone for Halloween but he's also gone most of the fall season. This year he will be home for at least the next two- three weeks so I plan on taking full advantage of all the fall activities and goodies (regardless of the fact that it's still eighty degrees).

Pumpkin carving is at the top of my list and I hope to check it off this weekend. I am TERRIBLE at pumpkin carving but it's still fun to try :) Maybe I can also roast some pumpkin seeds and drink Pumpkin ale at the same time! Three birds, one stone pumpkin! :)  I have this recipe saved for when I  make a couple batches of pumpkin seeds. Mmm!

Caramel apples are also high on my priority list. I have been on the hunt for some alternatives to the original caramel apple recipe because I have the hardest time biting into them.  My mom is probably laughing while reading this post because my fam LOVES to make fun of me and my hardship with apples lol, thanks guys! I've found some realllllly yummy looking sliced- caramel apple recipes though.

Mark wants these asap. Picture source here

How cute is this??? Picture source here

As you can tell by my list there are a bunch of things I want to do this fall. Crafting is always a favorite of mine and I get to check this one off my list on Saturday. I'm getting together with some of my girlfriends to craft and make a yummy fall treat. I can't wait! I'm also super excited to make some hearty chili, donate some goodies to a food drive, and of course have a Harry Potter marathon! I'm not a scary movie fan so Harry Potter is as close to Halloween-ish movies that I get lol. :)

I'll keep ya updated as I check some items off list. Have a great day everyone!!

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