Mom, I want to be just like you...

My mom is the best. I know, I know I'm a little bias but I love her to pieces. I'm so lucky because she isn't just my mom, she's my best friend. We like to do the same things like go on walks, do yoga, have Wine Wednesdays, shop, and cook. It's even better when we can do them together :) We have such a special bond and I'm always striving to be more like her.

My mom is a very selfless person. When we were growing up my dad was in the military and often worked long days and overnighted at work once a week. He even deployed for a year and my mom held down the fort at home. I never heard her complain about having to be the mom and dad while my dad was away. She just did what she needed to do.

My mom is an elementary teacher and has worked full-time my whole life. I'm still amazed how mamas teach all day and then have the energy to come home and love on their own kids. Yet, she did this day after day. She's also a pretty phenomenal teacher. I got the opportunity to teach with her for a few weeks during the summer one year. It was such a neat experience to see my mom in action and to also work closely together. This is something I'll never forget!

I talk to my mom every. single. day. We always talk on the way to work and I often call her on my way home as well. You know we talk too much when we have nothing else to say haha. I just call her to say "hi" anyways! I look forward to these morning phone calls and I'm fortunate that we have similar teaching schedules.

I actually moved back in with my parents during my husband's first deployment. I was still living in Vegas and we were trying to save money for our wedding. Technically we were already married but we had planned a larger ceremony and a reception for the following year on our anniversary. My parents welcomed me and my two pups in with open arms. It's not easy to have a grown-child move in but we had the best time. I'm so grateful for those 9 months and how they took care of me while Mark was gone.

My mom has shown me how to be a loving wife. She takes really good care of my dad and I always knew I wanted to do the same for my future hubby. How am I doing, Mark?? :) She's also a great host. People will come over at the last minute and her house is magically clean and she has plates of appetizers waiting for them. How she does this is beyond me! I hope I will master this skill one day.

I know the kind of mom I want to be from watching my mom raise us. I want to be caring, fun, compassionate, loving, and to also have high expectations. We were never allowed to sit back and do the bare minimum. I love that! As a teacher, I know that if you have high expectations for kiddos, they will rise to the occasion.

I can't wait to start my own family and I'm so thankful that my mom has been so kind and patient with me through this whole process. There are many days when I'm angry or just plain sad that our lives have not turned out as I imagined. She has listened to me rant and cry more times than I can count. She carefully walks that line of feeling the pain with us but not letting me wallow in it. Thank you so much for that mom! I know you'll be a grandma one day. I love you mom!

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